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Normally I wait for the ESPN game recap be posted to start, but I’m too psyched. (Plus they’ll have to do a rewrite!) The Braves finally got off the mat in a ninth inning tonight, rallying from 6-3 down with two out in the ninth to win. With runners on base (neither of whom should have reached — DeRosa on an error, Marrero on a single that involved bad defense and a mental lock by the Expos), Nick Green came to the plate. Green took a 1-1 pitch over the left field wall to tie the game. On the very next pitch, JD Drew sent one over right field wall to win it. Ballgame, and the Braves are finally back over .500. It was the first hit of the game for both, but Green had walked and stolen a base (his first) early in the game, and Drew had walked twice and scored both times.

Jaret Wright got in some early trouble, getting out of it in the first but not in the second, when he allowed three runs. Only one of those was charged as earned, and none of the ones the Braves scored off of Rocky Biddle in the ninth was either. But that’s dumb. Wright allowed three hits — one a double — and a walk, in the second. Rafael Furcal committed one error. I mean, who’s more responsible for those two runs? And despite the bad defense, Biddle allowed two mammoth homers. Who’s more responsible for those four runs? Wright left the game after the seventh down 4-2 after allowing a solo homer in that inning that looked like it would kill off any chance of a comeback. It looked even more like that when Gryboski allowed two more runs. Only one of these was called earned because one runner reached on an error by the comically inept Mike “.104 BA” Hessman, but Gryboski allowed three hitters before he was yanked; who’s more responsible, Gryboski or Hessman? Armando Almanza came in and didn’t allow any runs, eventually getting the win.

Estrada had two run-scoring singles, continuing what he’s done all year. DeRosa was the only other Brave with two hits — I think he hears footsteps. Andruw hit a line drive homer for the Braves’ first run in the fifth… More good news: The Marlins and Phillies both lost… Chipper started but later left the game; I’m not sure why. I’ll catch it when I can find a game story… Night game tomorrow, then the Phillies come to town.

Here’s the recap.
Unfortunately, it’s Chipper’s hamstring again. He ran down a fly ball towards the track, and I assume that’s how he aggravated it. Day to day, again. I hope he’s ready for the Phillies but I don’t know if we can count on that.

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Biddle! If we could just face Rocky and Boom-Boom in every close game. Seriously though, there was a lot of ugliness wiped away with two swings of the bat. In case you didn’t see the stat that flashed on the tube, we were 1-21 while trailing in the 8th before tonight.

    Chipper’s hamstring flared up again. I don’t know if it’s another pull or not, but he obviously needs some time to let it heal.

  2. Well, I say it flared up. I didn’t hear anything officially, and I forgot about his getting hit by that pitch. Hopefully he’s just still sore from that, but he was limping pretty badly.

  3. What a great at-bat by Green! He took a ball outside and a strike on the inside of the plate without even flinching before jumping all over a pitch that appeared to be right over the middle of the plate. It’s great to see that kind of discipline out of a young guy like that.

    Since I work for a news service, I get to take advantage of a commercial-free feed of the Braves broadcasts. After going into the last break, Don Sutton said “Rocky Biddle, my ass!” Not sure what he meant by that. Also got some good shots of Brian Schneider crying on the Expos bench before coming back out of the break. Even if you’re on a really bad team, those kinds of losses still hurt.

  4. Can Green play 3rd? I know I shouldn’t become enamored with anyone over such a small sample size, but Nick’s shown as much power as DeRo has this year, more patience than either he or Giles, and his defense isn’t awful. He strikes out a lot, but makes up for it by walking and hitting for doubles power. Definitely a pleasant surprise to find in the organization.

  5. Wow! My feet had just landed on the floor after Green’s shot when J.D. followed it up. As posted earlier, two swings erased what was otherwise a horrible game. Hessman…enough said.

    BTW, they showed a bit of that Brian Schneider crying action on the regular feed. I thought it was Biddle, but I get the feeling that Biddle ain’t exactly Julian Tavarez. He is a rough looking dude; nice scar over the left eye.

    Hard to believe that this team has actually scratched above .500. I was beginning to wonder if they’d ever do it.

  6. I was going to ask the exact same question about Green playing third. If he can, it should be considered when Giles comes off the DL. I mean, I still feel DeRosa has the talent to hit .300, but he hasn’t put it together yet, despite showing an occasional flash every now and then. Come All-Star break enough is enough, if he’s still hovering around .200 then it’s time to look elsewhere.

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  8. Wow…my wife was begging me to come to bed and I told her, “look, we got DeRo, Hessman and pinch hitter coming up, I’ll be there in 30 seconds.” So then DeRo gets on (any chance DeRo beats out the throw???) and I’m actually hoping for Hessman to strike out to avoid the double play that everyone who is reading this KNEW was coming.

    So when Green hits the homer, I have to go in the bedroom, “uh hun, I’m going to be up for a little longer, good guys just tied it up.”

    So now when I walk out, the entire team is surrounding the plate…odd I thought for a game tying shot. Ok, I’m a moron, I missed Drew’s game winner.

  9. He may not be the second coming, but Estrada is really playing well. When he’s in the middle of the line-up, things seem to happen.

    Can’t say enough good things about Green. Who woulda thunk it. He’s pretty much come out of nowhere. But he has been doing nothing but getting big hits and providing solid fielding since he arrived.

    Green did play some 3B in spring training. I was a bit surprised that he wasn’t moved around more at Richmond last year and earlier this year (for some odd reason, the Braves move guys like Betemit and don’t move guys like Green and Kelly Johnson [until this year]). His stats didn’t portend anything above a utility guy with some pop. And maybe that’s what he ends up being eventually, but he sure doesn’t look like that now, which is great for both him and us.

    Gotta feel bad for the Expos. They are clearly baseball’s stepchildren. What they have gone through may build character, but it also breaks spirits.

  10. Chipper’s hamstring was hurt running to 1B. He pulled up lame less than halfway there and then hopped on one leg. He came out of the game and slammed his batting helmet on the ground as he entered the dugout.

  11. Green may need to grow a few inches and buy a bigger glove.

    Sound like you had the same idea I had. Forget third, can Green play first base? I’d do about anything never to see Mike Hessman in a Braves uniform again.

    Rafael Furcal committed one error. I mean, who’s more responsible for those two runs?

    Kind of misleading. Wright induced a routine groundball to short with two outs which Furcal kicked. A run scored on the play and the inning was kept alive in which another run scored. I’d say Raffy is signicantly responsable for those runs.

    And despite the bad defense, Biddle allowed two mammoth homers. Who’s more responsible for those four runs?

    Biddle is certainly somewhat responsable but considering he was trying to get the fifth out of the inning I think there is plenty of blame for Batista and Vidro as well.

    The unearned/earned rule isn’t perfect but I think it would be equally foolish to just charge everything to the pitcher. I agree with the way Win Shares handles the situation by charging the pitcher with 50% of all runs considered unearned.

  12. Didn’t you know that Hessman is in there because of his glvoe? In all seriousness, I thought about that as soon as I finished posting, but then decided it’s so obvious as to avoid needing mention. Realistically (and by that I mean this is a hilarious fantastic scenario), they should play Hampton at first against all left-handers when it’s not his turn to start. Hit him 8th. Even if he doesn’t tear it up, the guy we’re sending out there is 0-4 with 3 Ks every day, and the coolness factor of having a super-Brooks Kieschnick is worth it.

  13. As a baseball fan, I would love to see Mike Hampton play first. But as a baseball observer/fanatic, I know that it can’t be that easy to play a passable major league position, having no prior experience at the position from atleast high school. Now, Mike Hessman probably doesn’t play a passable first base anyway, but Mike Hampton couldn’t possibly be better, given the lack of experience.

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