Normally I wait for the ESPN game recap be posted to start, but I’m too psyched. (Plus they’ll have to do a rewrite!) The Braves finally got off the mat in a ninth inning tonight, rallying from 6-3 down with two out in the ninth to win. With runners on base (neither of whom should have reached — DeRosa on an error, Marrero on a single that involved bad defense and a mental lock by the Expos), Nick Green came to the plate. Green took a 1-1 pitch over the left field wall to tie the game. On the very next pitch, JD Drew sent one over right field wall to win it. Ballgame, and the Braves are finally back over .500. It was the first hit of the game for both, but Green had walked and stolen a base (his first) early in the game, and Drew had walked twice and scored both times.

Jaret Wright got in some early trouble, getting out of it in the first but not in the second, when he allowed three runs. Only one of those was charged as earned, and none of the ones the Braves scored off of Rocky Biddle in the ninth was either. But that’s dumb. Wright allowed three hits — one a double — and a walk, in the second. Rafael Furcal committed one error. I mean, who’s more responsible for those two runs? And despite the bad defense, Biddle allowed two mammoth homers. Who’s more responsible for those four runs? Wright left the game after the seventh down 4-2 after allowing a solo homer in that inning that looked like it would kill off any chance of a comeback. It looked even more like that when Gryboski allowed two more runs. Only one of these was called earned because one runner reached on an error by the comically inept Mike “.104 BA” Hessman, but Gryboski allowed three hitters before he was yanked; who’s more responsible, Gryboski or Hessman? Armando Almanza came in and didn’t allow any runs, eventually getting the win.

Estrada had two run-scoring singles, continuing what he’s done all year. DeRosa was the only other Brave with two hits — I think he hears footsteps. Andruw hit a line drive homer for the Braves’ first run in the fifth… More good news: The Marlins and Phillies both lost… Chipper started but later left the game; I’m not sure why. I’ll catch it when I can find a game story… Night game tomorrow, then the Phillies come to town.

Here’s the recap.
Unfortunately, it’s Chipper’s hamstring again. He ran down a fly ball towards the track, and I assume that’s how he aggravated it. Day to day, again. I hope he’s ready for the Phillies but I don’t know if we can count on that.