– MLB – Recap – Expos at Braves – 09/24/2003

Russ Ortiz had a good start, albeit one complete with his usual control problems, and the Expos are mailing it in. Ortiz walked four and struck out two in only five innings; I’m sorry, but that’s not going to work on a team that’s not playing out the string. Walk two guys in front of Sammy Sosa and see what happens. On the good side, Ortiz didn’t allow any runs and gave up only three hits.

Rafael Furcal had three hits, scoring twice and driving in one. The Braves had twelve hits in all, built a big lead with five in the fourth and three in the second, then emptied the bench. The Braves set franchise season records for doubles and hits in the game.

Darren Holmes allowed the lone run, but he’s on the playoff roster anyway. Ray King had a good inning, Mercker allowed a hit, Gryboski faced two guys and got them both, and Cunnane struck out the last batter. I think all those guys will be on the postseason roster, but Bobby could go nuts and take Hernandez.

The Marlins have all but clinched, three games up on Philly and Houston with four games to go. They can clinch tonight. The playoff situation appears to be Chicago or Houston (the Cubs are up one right now) at Atlanta on Tuesday, Florida at San Francisco. The Braves are one up on SF, even in the loss column, for the best record in the NL.