Atlanta 9, Philadelphia 1 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Phillies

Easy win over the Phading Phillies. Actually, it was close until the fourth and still a game until the sixth. The Braves led 1-0 after the first, but left the bases loaded. Then they left two on in the second, after which the Phillies tied it up. They left one more on in the third, and I start to get nervous.

Kelly Johnson, however, has icewater in his veins. He wasn’t fazed by 1-30, and he wasn’t fazed by flying out with two on to end the second. The fourth started off the same as that inning; two easy outs, then Furcal and Orr reached. This time, KJ deposited it in the seats, the Braves led 4-1, and they cruised from there. Johnson wound up the game 2-3 with two walks.

Andruw hit a three-run homer of his own to more or less seal it in the sixth. That’s number 26 for him and start July off like most of June went. He also had a double and a walk. LaRoche, who singled in the first run of the game, added a two-run homer (scoring Johnson) in the ninth. Furcal had three hits and a walk and presumably is out of it, while Orr, starting for a gimpy Marcus, was 2-5. The rest of the lineup was hitless, but with the five guys at the top all having big games it didn’t matter.

Smoltzometer.GIFMeanwhile, John Smoltz cruised again, pitching six innings, throwing 86 pitches, and striking out seven. He finished on a high note, retiring the last nine he faced, and striking out two in the sixth. The first tied Warren Spahn on the Braves’ all-time list, and the second passed him. The Braves’ apparent late-innings combination of Boyer, Brower, and Reitsma finished it, which I don’t really get. Boyer was already up and the lead was only three, and I guess Reitsma needed some work. They were all reasonably effective, each getting a strikeout (but Reitsma’s reached on a passed ball) and allowing but one hit (off Brower).

The Natspos won another one-run game. I don’t believe these guys, but sooner or later this will stop. Tomorrow is a Fox day game, Ramirez against Brett Myers, who killed the Braves earlier this year. No word on Estrada’s inevitable suspension yet, so I assume it won’t be until next week. The Braves will have to make a move to send down a pitcher when that happens.

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  1. You say Brett Myers killed the Braves earlier this year. While this may be true, he also lost to the Braves twice this year.

    We see Brett Myers a lot.

  2. Just lost my entire post when the computer crashed after a power surge. We’re having really bad thunderstorms up here, so I’ll have to be fast:

    1)Whatever KJ’s eating, he needs to stay on it as long as it’s legal. Same for Andruw.

    2)I can’t believe Marcus is injured AGAIN. It takes real skill for a pitcher to hurt his own 2B from the mound! Doesn’t sound too bad, but does anyone else think it’s weird how every time he gets bumped, he swells up like a balloon?

    3)Estrada will be and should be suspended, more for the bird than for the bump, IMHO, but if there isn’t an investigation and consequences for Eddings as well, my disgust for the MLB Goons will reach epic proportions.

    4)I’m not overly worried about Brett Myers. We did okay against him last time.

    5)I hate TS. Thank God the game’s on FOX tomorrow and there’s no other game to black it out!

    6)Everyone should import an electrified fly swatter from China. It zaps the bug in midair and shoots off blue sparks. Really neat.


  3. Didn’t realise Lerew was promoted to Richmond earlier. Guess he is ahead of schedule? Damn, next year, we will have Rameriz, Davies, Lerew, Sosa and Colon to consider for the fifth spot on the rotation (perhaps we will not pick up Thomson’s option, but his price is just too cheap considering his performance if not his health this year). Considering Chuck James is only two years away, and our existing pitching rotation consists of Smoltz, Hampton, Hudson and Thomson, what other organizations have such rich pitching talant?

  4. You know what sucks? Walking out of INOVA Alexandria hospital with 6 bags in your hand when a torrential downpour starts above you.

    You know what also sucks? Not getting Turner South in VA. Sounds like a great game I missed :)

  5. Welcome back jenny. Too bad you wern’t around to see us and the O’s. I’m sure China was much cooler. My significant other was just waxing(again) about going there. Maybe once we get to the left coast.Btw, I’d be wary of those swatters. When you zap bugs, it basically vaporises them and then you breathe in the dead bug vapors. Yuck.

  6. Looks like the Braves are not going to let the Eddings incident go without a fight. They are calling for some kind of punishment for him. Good article on it at mlb. I hope the asshole gets suspended and fined.

  7. It did look like a total punk move. He probably had been feeling some heat for allowing the game to be played in the first place and had to puff up to save face. Doesn’t make it right.

  8. The Braves have beaten Myers before this year, but the last time Horacio started against the Phils, he got hammered. Of course, that was back when every team coming down the pike was hammering Horacio, so who knows…

  9. cody, is great, but it sucks that we have to listen to our opponents’ announcers almost five times a week. I wrote a complain to a few times about it already…

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