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I really wish these games counted. The Braves not only got a hit off of Randy Johnson this time, Chipper hit a homer off him. Wilson Betemit, who hasn’t been much in evidence this spring, also hit a homer, but off of Paul Quantrill. The Braves had thirteen hits in all, Jordan going 2-3, Langerhans 0-1.

Hampton went three, allowing only one hit, walking none, and striking out two. I don’t think a Braves starter has allowed a run yet. (Checking… no, they haven’t.) Adam Bernero continued to pitch well, two innings of perfect ball with a strikeout. Blaine Boyer went two, allowing one run, and Gabe White one, allowing the other. It was White’s first action of the spring. Reitsma finished it. Maybe they’re trying to get his confidence up by holding him back to the end of the game against the scrubs?