Los Angeles 7, Atlanta 4


It wasn’t that close. The game was 7-0 when the Braves got a three run homer from of all people DeWayne Wise in the bottom of the eighth. They were never in the game after the third, when the Dodgers scored four runs.

Jaret Wright was the loser. He was wild and hittable both, all game. I will give him the marginal excuse that he was pitching in the rain (the umpires continue to refuse to halt Fox and ESPN games unless animals are lining up two by two) but he had nothing. Cruz and Nitkowski each allowed a single run; Cruz’s was on a solo homer against the eighth hitter he faced, adding support to the theory that he simply doesn’t have the stamina for long outings.

Wilson Betemit started at third base and had two hits. It’s not enough to totally bench DeRosa, but it might be enough to get him another shot at it. Cepeda versus McCovey this job duel ain’t. Andruw hit a solo homer off of Eric Gagne, whose reputation as supercloser seems largely incumbent upon not facing the Braves in save situations. But Drew and Chipper were a collective 0-8 with five strikeouts, and the Braves don’t have enough good hitters now for their two best to have bad days and win.

Day game tomorrow; Mike Hampton tries to have both a good start and, maybe, just maybe, get some baserunners this time.

5 thoughts on “Los Angeles 7, Atlanta 4”

  1. Nick Green has as many hits than Chipper Jones over the time since Chipper has been off the DL. That should tell you all you need to know about the world of troulbe this lineup is in.

  2. Furcal will probably come back tomorrow. We will still need to trade for a real third baseman, (and maybe even Fred McGriff) but Furcal may be just what the doctor ordered.

  3. Anyone seen the new new Win Shares Above Average stat at The Hardball Times? DeRosa is at the bottom of the pack with -5. That ranks him 480th out of 480. Ouch! That hurts!

  4. I couldn’t let this game pass without comment. I am at an age where I usually let my feelings about players on the other team slide, but after watching Weaver, I have to chime in.

    If ever there was a guy who epitomizes the “million dollar arm and a ten cent brain” adage, it’s Weaver. The guy is clearly a six-year-old in a man’s body. No wonder he couldn’t pitch in New York.

    Don’t take my comments to mean I think he was showing up the Braves or anything like that. I just observed that he gets so wound up on every pitch and seems to bitch himself out every time he makes what he feels is a mistake. Tragic. Especially for someone so obviously talented.

    Little advice Jeff. Relax and trust the stuff.

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