– MLB – Recap – Expos at Braves – 09/23/2003

Shane Reynolds pitched seven scoreless innings. Shane Reynolds? That doesn’t seem very likely, but it happened. Of course, being Shane Reynolds, he allowed seven hits and three walks, and 99 percent of the time if you allow that many runners some of them are going to score. But you take what you get. Unfortunately, this probably clinched a postseason roster spot for him.

Jaret Wright pitched the eighth for the win, and John Smoltz saved it by striking out the side in the ninth. What elbow problem?

Facing Javier “Should Be In A Braves Uniform” Vazquez, the Braves couldn’t get anything going until the eighth. Mark DeRosa, hitting eighth and playing third with Vinny still on the shelf, walked. Furcal drove him home with two out, and then Sheffield doubled Furcal home after Giles singled. Andruw took the day off, Bragg playing center, but pinch-hit and stayed in for defense, not that the Braves needed any in the ninth. The Braves had only seven baserunners but made theirs count.

The Braves play the Expos one more time, then have Thursday off… The Giants are 97-59, the Braves 98-60. If the Giants finish a half-game behind the Braves, my understanding is that they would have to play a makeup game in New York Monday. (That’s the blackout game.) The Marlins beat the Phillies and are two games up in the wildcard with five games to play. The Cubs have pulled to a game up on the Astros, who are three out of the wildcard.