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Has any team ever had one game in which they were struck out 18 times followed by having a perfect game thrown at them?

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  1. Guys, I’m a little embarassed. I mean, they were two great pitchers, and perfect games have a lot of luck in them, but this is prett pathetic. Is this just another reminder Shuerholz needs to make a move?

  2. Wow, pathetic home fans cheering when their pathetic home team has a perfect game thrown against them.

    BTW, I bet there were still plenty of fans who left Turner Field early to beat the traffic.


    The “tbs very funny” campaign leverages the fact that TBS is an authority on comedy and is the network to watch for some of best comedic programming in the world.

  3. Was anybody at the stadium to see it? I bought a Clark Howard ticket just to get in and watch batting practice before I had to go to work. I didn’t get to stay for the game unfortunately, but at least I have the memento.

    Each time I think this team has hit rock bottom they seem to find a new low. I guess you can only avoid fate for so long before it finally catches up to you. And boy has it ever.

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  5. I was at the game and while I agree pitching a perfect game is special I was not cheering for the D-backs… at the end I was one of the few fans cheering for Eddie. And yes there were the usual crowd of losers in my section who left early to beat the traffic.

  6. At one point, I was wondering if the Braves might go Ben Davis on the Unit and drop down a bunt to break it up. But I’m not sure any of the Braves could have bunted anything he threw last night.

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