To answer my question below: Well, it’s happened now.

There’s not much else I can say, really. It’s ironic, but true greatness — like a Hall of Famer throwing a perfect game with 13 strikeouts, including the last two batters, really speaks for itself, and superlatives can only detract from the accomplishment. Randy Johnson was awesome, and the Braves weren’t. They had a couple of hard hit balls, only one three-ball count, and one near-infield single.

Mike Hampton was plenty good, throwing a complete game himself — the Braves’ first this year — and allowing only two runs, both runs scoring with two out, and honestly he almost got out of the first run. He chose the wrong night for having his best start of the year.

Tomorrow night, Brandon Webb. Just dandy. What’s the record for consecutive innings without a baserunner?