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The Braves won the game, but they lost Marcus for probably two months. You’d rather have it the other way. It appeared to me that on the play Andruw did say something to call Marcus off, but I don’t know for sure — and Marcus certainly didn’t hear it.

Overshadowed by the injury were spectacular games by Estrada and LaRoche. Estrada was 5-5 with 5 RBI, 2 runs scored, and ten total bases, missing the cycle by a triple. (Actually, I thought he might have had a shot on his second double, which went to the right field corner, but Julio Franco, running from first, held up at third. Albert Hall lives.) LaRoche had four doubles, tying a major league record last set, ironically, by Giles. Drew’s streak of games with a homer ended but he did go 1-3 with two walks and two runs scored.

Russ Ortiz had nothing, leaving after 1 1/3 innings with the bases loaded after walking in a run. Alfonseca came in and got a double play to get out of the inning — preserving a 5-4 lead at the time — and wound up with the win. He really is pitching pretty well now, not that I trust him. But he might be better off in the traditional Gryboski role as the ground ball guy. At least he’s had some success in the past. The Braves got two terrific innings from Almanza, one good and one bad inning from Cruz (allowing the other two Milwaukee runs) and two good innings from Reitsma to finish it.

The Braves are now 3-2 on the road trip. If they want a sweep of the series, they’ll have to earn it tomorrow afternoon against Ben Sheets.

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  1. Marcus’ injury obviously sucks, but could be a blessing in disguise. Like others have suggested, this could force Schuerholtz to make a move for a third baseman. And with LaRoche hopefully gaining confidence, this could be the turning point for the season. My Cirillo campaign intensifies. Hodges for Cirillo and Terence Long.

    For the next two months
    SS Furcal
    3B Cirillo
    RF Drew
    LF C.Jones
    CF A.Jones
    C Estrada
    1B LaRoche/Franco
    2B DeRosa

    2nd Half of the season
    SS Furcal
    2B Giles
    RF Drew
    LF C.Jones
    CF A.Jones
    C Estrada
    1B LaRoche/Franco
    3B Cirillo

  2. Base12 has been pitching well, but I think we’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop with him. Still as long as its working I find it hard to complain.

    It was an incredible night for Estrada and LaRoche, even considering the pitching they were going up against.

    /begin Pipe Dream
    And now I’d like to propose another trade I’d like to see, now that Giles is out, that will under no circumstances ever be made a reality.
    Ahem: Mike Hampton, Eli Marrero, and heck Wilson Betemit to San Diego for Brian Giles. Move Chipper to 3rd, Brian in LF, and Derosa to 2nd and eventually the bench. Put Cruz or Reitsma in the Rotation to cover Hampton’s spot and call up Travis Smith to take over Cruz’s or Reitsma’s spot. (Alternatively have Smith start, but that’s doubtful even in my imagination).
    I’m even looking towards the future here! Next year let Drew walk, move Brian to right, Chipper back to left, and let Marte take over 3rd.
    I know the Padres would never trade Brian Giles, and Chipper would never move back to 3rd for about 4/5th of a season, that’s why it’s my imagination.
    Just imagine the lineup we’d have when everyone got healthy?
    SS Furcal
    2B M. Giles
    LF B. Giles
    RF J.D. Drew
    3B C. Jones
    CF A. Jones
    C Estrada
    1B LaRoche
    Brings a tear to my eye. I mean, look at all those periods! Too bad my wishes never come true!
    /end Pipe Dream

  3. Cirillo and Long cost a lot though. How much salary would the Padres pick up for Hodges? Also, Cirillo carries some Hampton-like risk. Not worth it in my opinion. All we need is someone who can do the 2 spot in the batting order some justice for a couple months. DeRo would be fine if we had Giles and Furcal, so we don’t necessarily need a replacement for him.

  4. All this insanity and I keep missing it. I didn’t get in until late tonight, but heard on the radio that Estrada had a monster night (yay!). Saw on ESPN’s bottom line that Laroche broke out (yippee!). Waited through most of Baseball Tonight to catch a highlight or two then to finally hear Tim Kirkjian mention that Marcus Giles has a broken collarbone (WWWWWHHHAAAAA????!!!!)! Is this the beginning of the curse of Maddux/Lopez/Sheffield or something?

    So checking the boxscore I notice that Fat Tony had another good outing. Great! This is obviously what JS brought him here to do. The way he’s pitching right now is like having a second closer: one to pitch out of tight spots and collect wins while the other closes out games and collects saves. I see the other AA pitched two perfect innings which is also great and relatively reassuring since this retread bullpen was projected to be our biggest weakness during the offseason. Reitsma bounced back as always.

    I don’t want to dwell on the bad news right now. Let’s just enjoy what’s become a rare sight these days (3 straight W’s) and look forward to the possibility of this team realizing it’s potential in the near future.

  5. Reaganman, why in the world would we get two players who suck like Cirillo and Long? At least DeRosa and Wise suck for a lot less money. BTW Cirillo is on the DL. He hasn’t had a PA all year.

    Just as I was getting excited about the possiblilty of the starting 8 being back on the field, LaRoche showing signs of coming around, the middle relief pitching well, Marcus gets hurt. Its going to be very interesting to see what Schuerholz does as a near term fix. I’m sure that he is just as nauseous as I am at the thought of a Betemit, Garcia middle infield.

  6. Should Schuerholz instead get on the phone with Beattie and Flanagan in Baltimore? They just got Hairston back and like Roberts more, and are always looking to build their minor league pitching depth…try Hairston out until Giles gets back, and then go from there.

  7. Johnny: Cirillo is now active.
    Surely, you think Long (and eventually DeRosa) would soldify the bench.
    Now, I know I’m the only one, but I think Cirillo is worth it. Before moving to the AL he was an automatic .300 hitter. His career average is still .299. And defensively, he is a whiz. A HUGE upgrade over DeRosa on defense. And he at least has an offensive track record.

  8. I think that the Braves would be more likely to deal with the team they just played. They have an excess of 2B types (Spivey, Counsell, Ginter) and Rickie Weeks on the way. Makes sense. I’d love to get Ginter (think a righthanded Keith Lockhart with ability) but it seems unlikely they’d trade him.

  9. Reaganman, I just saw that Cirillo is leaving Portland for San Diego. He alone is owed 15.1 mil over the next two seasons. He ain’t worth it. Long is owed 3.5 mil this season. Thats a pretty expensive bench. Simply not worth it.

    Mac, interesting post. Its been written a lot that Spivey and Counsell are there until the Yankess come and buy them. Here the Brewers have a better record than we do and they still might be sellers.

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