Well, you don’t see that every day. Unless you’re us. Brewers starter Ben Sheets struck out 18 and at one stage retired 19 Braves in a row. The Braves had only three hits, one by DeWayne Wise leading off the game, one by Nick Green, and a solo homer by Andruw. Which kind of sums out the problem. The Braves had three legitimate major league regulars in the lineup, Drew, Estrada, and Andruw. The rest were the usual assortment of bench types, rookies, and Wise. Chipper was being rested out of concern for his hamstring. (He wanted to play, but Bobby held him out. I’m eagerly awaiting Mark DeRosa’s condemnation of the manager.)

Jaret Wright pitched five shutout innings. Unfortunately, that came after giving up three in the first. That seems to be his pattern — one inning that cascades out of control. The rest of the time, he looks very good. Any chance of a comeback probably died when Nitkowski allowed a run in the seventh after Andruw had cut the lead to two. Cruz allowed a hit in the eighth.

Furcal still can’t throw. Hopefully he and Chipper will be in the lineup Tuesday (the first of three in Atlanta against the D-Backs), but who knows. One possibility is that Furcal could play second with Garcia or Betemit at short. Right now, he’s just a pinch-hitter.