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  1. Weell, duh. He’s going on the DL because of the strained forearm. The torn ligament in his elbow is just a coincidence. Jeez, Mac, pull you head out man ;).

  2. Poor Trey. Interesting article on Drew on the AJC site — it seems like teammates, Chipper and DeRo at least, are not taking warmly to his attitudes about injury. He said something like “if i’m not 100 percent i dont feel like i’m helping the team” and Chipper flat-out refutes that of course, saying 90% of the season he plays not at full strength, because obviously, if you’re good, you can make an impact on many levels.

    It’s sad, I mean, if he can’t be talked out of such an attitude. It’s like, does Drew really think a 75% healthy version of himself is worse than a 100% DeWayne Wise? C’mon, man!

  3. Well, he seemingly thought that 75% of himself wasn’t better than Kerry Robinson, and Robinson’s no better, or not much better, than Wise. I should say that Drew, unlike Chipper, has had a history of chronic injuries and trying to play through injuries only to make them worse. Given that, he’s probably more conscious about sitting to preserve himself than some.

  4. Am I insane or did the AJC list JD’s OPS in that article? What’s next? Free, correct, interesting, and insightful articles by Terence Moore?

    Hmmm. Too many question marks in this post. Oh well. [hits Post anyway]

  5. I was listening to 790 The Zone this morning and they were running Drew through the coals and DeRosion was implying that Drew was a sissy for sitting out. I guess being a man like Chipper was (and spending time on the DL for not resting his hamstring) was what he had in mind. Even with the missing days, Drew’s overall numbers are slightly better than Gary Sheffield’s at this point in the season. Funny thing is, Drew will probably play more games this season than him, even with injuries. That’s because Derosion will be either back at the farm where he rightfully belongs, or as a utility man for someone like Tampa Bay or Pittsburgh.

  6. Drew reminds me of Mike Marshall–not the durable relief pitcher of the ’70s, but the fragile 1B of the ’80s–who was famously said to have a low pain threshold. If something is wrong, he just can’t bring himself to ignore it and press on. I’m not talking about major injuries, but we can all relate to having a stiff neck for a couple of days, or a sore elbow or something. Maybe aches and pains just drive him to distraction, I don’t know.

    One thing is for sure, it’s not the result of his playing style. He’s no Pete Reiser, because he’s so smooth he doesn’t have to be. I like watching him play.

    As for the comment on DeRosa, I’m pretty sure he’s out of options. I don’t think he belongs in the minors anyway–he is what he is, Mike Mordecai on, um, nutritional supplements….

  7. This doesn’t have anything to do with anything else, but it just occurred to me after a month or so of constant advertising. The reason the Braves have crammed nearly all the TBS games into the first two months is because they’re going whole-hog with “Sex and the City” on Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting June 15 …

    It’s the death of the Superstation as we know it. Ted Turner must be spinning in his grave (he’s not dead yet, but Braves baseball just might be).

  8. Creg, you’re right, and I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that before. There havent been any Wednesday games on TBS for the past few years, so I’m used to that, but now they’re taking all of our Tuesday games away too? Too sad.

    Oh well, maybe it’ll seem merciful if they keep playing like this.

  9. Wow, I remember Mike Marshall. Dodgers right? Tremendous potential, right?

    Just read the AJC articles. One this morning gives Drew’s point of view. The criticism doesn’t seem to phase him. Bobby shows what kind of guy he is by defending Drew in the article. If I’m Drew though I’ve got to be worried that the de facto team leader and defacto team leader’s good friend are not so subtley criticising me in the paper. I hope that this isn’t a trend with the Braves airing their problems via the press. Unusual on a Cox managed team.

    Now I’m depressed. I thought that there were a lot of games being telecast. I don’t get Fox Sports South so I guess I’m screwed once Sex in the City starts.

    Gee once Furcal comes back maybe we put Garcia at third. He is easily outhitting DeRo and LaRoche. That was sarcasm by the way so please don’t flame me.

  10. JC – David O’Brien at the AJC is the stat-oriented guy around there. Haven’t read the piece, but if it mentions OPS it’s probably by O’Brien. Thankfully, they aren’t charging for his articles yet. It’s pretty hilarious that they think people will actually pay for T.Moore – whenever I read him in the past I felt like someone owed me money.

    Creg & Troy – ESPN’s got the exclusive Wednesday night slot – you won’t see any other teams broadcasting nationally on wednesday and haven’t for the last few years (local broadcasts are allowed).

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