ajc.com | Braves | Braves sign former Marlins and Cubs closer Alfonseca to serve as a setup man

Cripes, we lose out on Worrell and Rhodes and this is the consolation prize? It’s not clear if there’s anything that Alfonseca can do better than Hodges — at least not anything printable.

Antonio Alfonseca has posted two ERAs lower than four in a seven-year MLB career with the Marlins and Cubs. He’s highly paid — the Braves gave him over a million, plus incentives — because he has 121 career saves, but he’s not actually that good of a pitcher. He has 310 Ks and 174 BB in 446 1/3 career IP — not good for a reliever. And he had a 5.83 ERA last year. I am leaning towards Atomic Antonio as his nickname, but am taking nominations. (Runner up — “Hideous Freak”.)