4 thoughts on “Good day so far!”

  1. Two Things:


    b. Is it odd that my favorite starting pitcher is now Jaret Wright?

  2. I heard that Wright has the lowest ERA in night games of any pitcher in the majors this season at 2.02. That’s an amazing stat.

    Who needs a trade? We did one better by getting Giles off the DL. Chipper has also contributed and raised his BA 7 points already.

  3. Make that 10 points for Chipper. He’s at .222 and climbing. We also have a new utility infielder in Nick Green (he pinch-ran for Chipper and is now playing 3rd). First place already. I was only off by one game.

    What floor will you be going to Mr. Bowa? Oh, used cars, 4th floor? Thank you and have a nice day. Braves are officially 1/2 game out with the Mets sort of threatening in the bottom of the 9th.

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