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AJC weasel on why they need to ask probing personal questions about their readers:

By registering your age, where you live, the general range of your household income and other information, we can show advertisers on the site whom they are reaching and where. Advertisers in the print version of the newspaper have some idea of those demographics now by looking at our audited circulation figures.

Except that I, and many others, have a standing policy of lying on these questionaires. I have no problem with giving out strictly demographic information, but you don’t need my home address, much less my phone number. What I usually do is put “1313 Mockingbird Lane” for the street address and “(555) 555-5555” for the phone number. And I lie about the demographics too, saying I’m a 55-year-old woman who makes $60,000 a year as a dog walker, because anyone who pries that much doesn’t deserve a straight answer.

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12 thoughts on “Bite me, King”

  1. Mac –
    I always give out 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You’d be surprised how many people respond with – “Oh, that’s in midtown, isn’t it?”

  2. I hope their system is registering former daily readers visiting other free sites with the same information. Do I need the AJC to read wire stories? Get some good writers with interesting points of view and I might not mind. The AJC is one of the weakest big-city papers I have ever read. Even the Marietta Daily Journal is better.

  3. Haha! Everyone knows my address is 123 Main Street, in Roswell, NM.

    I also find it amusing that Albertsons is trying to figure out why an 80-year-old Cuban woman is buying so much beer, bourbon, and junk food. Skewing demographics for fun and profit!

  4. Chipper needs to bottle up some of his moxie, pinch JD’s nose while he’s asleep and forcefeed it down Mr. Tweaked Hammy’s throat. That’s good stuff.

    On a different note, I was happy to see that “Bud” of email address “” had already registered before I got the chance to do so. Add AJC to the list of Primerized sites. Oh yeah.

  5. Mac, good on ya for the “indecency watch” post. Too many web-boards have fallen into that pit … but I have always found this site insightful and respectful.

    Also: has anyone noticed that the AL OPS leader board is topped by Javy Lopez, and that No. 3 is Henry Blanco? That is ridiculous. Does Estrada know the weight of the shoes into which he crouches?

    Time to climb back into first place on this road trip….

  6. After an initial boycott of the new registration policy, I registered as Mr. Jack Ass. I was born in 1912 and make less than $14,000 annually.

  7. As an aside, you can login to nearly any paper that requires this type of registration with some form of Bud Selig,, PW: bselig.

    Before even filling in my own fake registration for, I got straight in with Bud, I think some of the Primates started this to easily access the articles posted for Clutch Hits that required registration.

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