What else can go wrong?

Hampton could miss next start | Braves | ajc.com

He has a “badly bruised” pitching arm. Bobby says that “There is a lot of blood in there.” As a rule, the phrase “a lot of blood” is never used in a good context except by vampires. Travis Smith would start in his place Sunday if he can’t go. Pick your poison, I guess.

4 thoughts on “What else can go wrong?”

  1. Is it bad that I almost am happy someone else is starting? I sure hope Byrd makes it back by the All star Break. It can’t get much worse than Hampton.

  2. While he isn’t that consistent, he has had some good starts.

    4/7 NYM 4IP 5ER – Bad
    4/12 @NYM 2.2IP 7ER – Bad
    4/18 FLA 7IP 1ER – Good
    4/24 @FLA 6.2IP 6ER – Bad
    5/1 @COL 5IP 2ER – Good
    5/6 SD 6.1IP 6ER – Bad
    5/12 @STL 6IP 4ER – Bad
    5/18 ARI 9IP 2ER – Good
    5/23 LA 6IP 0ER – Good
    5/28 @PHI 6.2IP 1ER – Good
    6/2 MON 3IP 4ER – Bad
    6/8 @DET 7IP 3ER – Good

    If the Braves had a consistent offense, I think he could have as many as 6 wins, not just 1. Some he really pitched good in (see Randy Johnson’s Perfect game – 9IP 2ER). I think it could get MUCH worse than Hampton – think Shane Reynolds.

  3. If we’re not in contention at the all star break, we should consider calling up dan meyer. he has a 1.9 ERA in Greeneville with something like an 8 to 1 strikeout/walk ratio, walking less than 2 batters per 9 innings, and striking out over 10. Nasty.

  4. If we’re not in contention, what’s the point in starting Meyer’s service time clock?

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