– MLB – Recap

As you might have expected, the Braves’ season ended — not formally, but essentially — with Chris Reitma on the mound. The Braves trailed 4-2 after six innings. Jaret Wright wasn’t too effective, but he didn’t kill them. Gryboski got a couple of outs in the sixth, after Wright had allowed a second solo homer to Beltran.

The Braves had scored both their runs on solo homers off of Oswalt in the fourth, one by Furcal, one by Estrada. If they’d just gotten a little better distribution of their hits, they might have been winning. It likely wouldn’t have mattered, because Bobby went to Reitsma in the seventh.

He actually had two out, a runner on second. Single. Throwing error on Drew gets the runner to third. Single. Homer. It’s 8-2, and it’s over. Just to rub it in, Bobby brings in Martin to pitch to Berkman and Kent again, and they get another run. The inning might never have ended except that Kent, being the punk that he is, tried to take an extra base and Andruw threw him out. Cruz gave up three runs in the eighth to make it look really ugly.

The Braves had nine hits and four walks, continuing their string of leaving lots of runners on base. It would be the story of the series save for the horrifically bad pitching by most of the staff. Smoltz, Gryboski, Hampton, and Alfonseca pitched well. The rest were pretty terrible, though Byrd’s runs weren’t all his fault. Reitsma and Martin should be banned from baseball, or at least tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

If you want good news, Andruw hit .526 for the series. (He had a hit and a walk today, but grounded into a DP after everything was decided.) If you believe in such things, maybe that’s a breakthrough, but he has weeks like this all the time. I will probably write this season’s postmortem later this week.