Stupid, stupid, stupid

Braves release Gary Matthews Jr.

Not the Matthews thing, this:

It looks like the Braves will go with Jesse Garcia as a backup infielder over Wilson Betemit and non-roster invitee Jorge Velandia, though team officials still are keeping an eye open for possible trades or waiver-wire moves.

Garcia, batting .283 with a homer in 46 at-bats, is out of minor-league options and would likely be claimed by another team if the Braves tried to get him through waivers and send him to the minors. Betemit, 23, has a minor-league option remaining and can be sent to Richmond without exposure to waivers.

Get this straight: Nobody is going to claim Jesse Garcia. He sucks, and everybody knows he sucks. Just because he hit .283 (meaning he went 13-46 — one less single and it’s .260) doesn’t mean he suddenly figured out he’d been holding the bat with the wrong end all these years. The Braves have sent him through waivers numerous times over the last two years and I’ll bet nobody even considered claiming him.

Also, Eli Marrero has a strained abdominal muscle, meaning Hollins and Wise — or one and Hessman — might have a shot at starting the season in Atlanta.

4 thoughts on “Stupid, stupid, stupid”

  1. Speaking of people who should be cut, the Braves’ official site is asking for your vote on who will be the biggest addition to the bullpen this year: Alfonseca has over 2000 votes with 24% of the overall vote. I wonder how many times his mom voted for him. Either than or by “biggest” voters must’ve thought it meant who is the fattest among the new relievers.

  2. I’ve been pretty quiet about the Alfonseca thing, simply because I don’t ever doubt Leo’s ability to reclaim a pitcher.

    The Garcia move strikes me as ludicrous, but hey, now there’s a pinch runner on the roster. I’m rooting for Hessman, I’d really like to see what he could do with 100+ at-bats.

  3. If someone does claim him, so what? It’s an extra $25,000. We would come out better on that deal.

  4. Damon Hollins got f***** over. I can’t believe Bobby Cox picked Wise over him. Hollins hit .412 While Wise hit .318 I do not care if they needed another left handed bat. Hollins deserved the job period.

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