Atlanta Braves News

Pretty big shock. Matthews wasn’t playing that well, granted (the stats the story gives are .154 BA, 17 strikeouts in 52 ABs) but he was on the major league roster and I thought they’d give him more of a chance. But this way, they save some money… Matthews’ contract is for $800 K. They have to pay him $200 K of that. (The deadline for this was today. Otherwise, they’d still be on the hook for the full amount.) If he’s replaced by someone making the major league miminum of $300 K, they still save $300 K. If nothing else, it’s refreshing to see that the Braves may have figured out the principle of sunk costs. On the other hand, they haven’t released Antonio Alfonseca yet.

The replacement for Matthews would seemingly be either Richmond Mayor Damon Hollins or Dewayne Wise. Both are hitting .333 this spring, Wise in slightly more playing time, but Hollins has the longstanding ties with the organization and has more power. Or they could go with Mike Hessman, or keep an extra utility infielder. Because Marrero and Drew can play center, it’s not as crucial that the fourth OF be able to play center.