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Braves set to acquire reliever Farnsworth | ajc.com

I don’t know that I’d give up Roman Colon for Farnsworth. (Also, Zach Miner, who is pretty much filler at this point.) Farnsworth is nuts. They’re still trying to find someone to take Kolb, but no takers so far.

UPDATE: Seems to be a done deal. I really don’t know, because I was very impressed with Colon as a starter, but Farnsworth certainly has talent.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Confirmation from MLB.com.

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  1. Armando Benitez’s bastard son.

    His numbers have been great, but this has “Agonizing postseason blowup” written all over it. Also, he’s a free agent after the season.

  2. Farnsworth throws 98-100 mph and is having his best season, with a 2.32 ERA and 55 strikeouts (20 walks) in 42 2/3 innings, and he’s converted 5-of-5 saves since replacing injured closer Troy Percival.

    In his last 40 appearances, Farnsworth has a 1.75 ERA and .189 opponents’ average, with 46 strikeouts in 36 innings and no homers allowed.

    Not Bad

  3. ESPN is confirming this deal (TV, not .com), though they haven’t said who Atlanta gave up

  4. I don’t like them giving up Colon. People were saying that he was going to be a good, good pitcher in a couple of years. If their trading him maybe they know something we don’t. Schuleroz (sp.) seems to always get rid of them at the right time, but still.

  5. Mac,
    Someone must read this board. I posted Farnsworth for Colon and Jurries about a week ago. Freaky…

    They wouldn’t have done this but with Powell’s inury they needed 1 more arm. Maybe pitching near his home will make something click for him.

  6. I like Farnsworth better than any of the other bullpen arms who were rumored to be traded (Danys Baez, Eddie Guardado, etc) and we got him for less because he doesn’t have the closer mystique yet. I’m still not sure you deal for a bullpen guy because they are so inconsistent year to year, but I’d rather give up those guys than someone of real value for a “better” closer in Baez or Eddie.

  7. “When Colon became upset that the club had taken him on their charter to San Francisco and then sent him back to Triple-A Richmond the very next day, he lost some favor in the Braves organization. He was promoted from Richmond on Saturday, but hasn’t appeared in a Major League game since July 17.” (Bowman)
    Can’t be too happy now

  8. IF that’s the deal then I think its a good one. Farnsworth can be really good and hopefully Cox/Mazzone can keep him from going nuts. The Braves always seem to have a handful of guys like Colon around, and he wasn’t helping much this year.

  9. Why didn’t we trade pena for somebody?
    We don’t need him with Estrada and Mccan.
    And that bastard eddie perez.

  10. Not sure what to make of Colon. We saw him suck for a while in relief, and we saw him start two good games, start two mediocre games, and have one final good relief appearance. I don’t know enough about his minor league career to extrapolate from that, but I think people shouldn’t draw too much from the very, very limited sample we saw of him as a starter in the majors.

  11. I like the trade. And it’s not like the Tigers didn’t get good value too. The only thing I don’t like is that Farnsworth is a free agent at the end of the season.

  12. Yeah, I read a report on Colon on MLB.COM

    When Colon became upset that the club had taken him on their charter to San Francisco and then sent him back to Triple-A Richmond the very next day, he lost some favor in the Braves organization. He was promoted from Richmond on Saturday, but hasn’t appeared in a Major League game since July 17.

  13. I’ve been watching ESPN. To summarize:

    “Yankees. Yankees. Yankees. Red Sox. Red Sox. Yankees. Yankees. Yankees. Red Sox. Red Sox.”

  14. Post season bullpen is looking good with righthanders Reitsma, Farnsworth, Sosa, and Brower, and choices between McBride, Foster, and James as lefties

  15. I wonder how our rotation will shape up. I’ve pretty much given up on seeing Hampton return this season. If he doesn’t, will they keep Sosa starting? Or Davies, with Sosa going back to the pen?

  16. 1) When Colon complained openly to the press a few weeks ago, I thought it was likely he would be traded soon. The Braves don’t tend to put up with that.

    2) Mazzone and Cox have been trying to get Farnsworth for years, but the price has never been right. They love his arm. If they still like him after working with him for 2 months, I bet that they’ll try hard to sign him.

  17. I like the deal. Colon has a great arm but the Braves’s are never short on guys in the minor’s with great arms. Farnsworth fills their only glaring need, late inning bullpen help. He could replace Reitsma if he falters. If Farnsworth listens to Mazzone he could be dynamite this year. I wish he wasn’t a free agent next year but hopefully Devine will be ready soon.

  18. I suggested Farnsworth on my list of possible bullpen help awhile back. He’s not the dream choice of Shields, but he’s not the 2nd coming of Senior Smoke I feared in Mesa. I think Jenny claimed he was “as big a head case as Kolb”. However, a head case that throws 98 mph just sounds better than a headcase bouncing up sinkers. Not to mention, its been awhile since we had a middle reliever we could bring in to strike out a batter, more often than not. Im glad to see the departure from the Groundball-oskie -KolBB model.

    As for Colon, he’s made it clear that he views himself as a starter and starter only. That made Sosa a much better option among the two. Also, it seems the organization is higher on Sosa than Colon, they are usually right.

  19. Someone in the Braves newsgroup mentioned that Farnsworth still has a 6 game suspension to serve, FWIW.

  20. I wasn’t sold on this deal till y’all reminded me about his remarks the other day.

    However, he does remind me a little of rocker.

  21. Is Kolb a free agent after the season? His current contract is for $3.4 million, while Farnsworth currently makes $1.975 mil. Assuming he doesn’t rack up 10 saves from here on out, it would be hard for his agent to justify a free agent deal for much more than Kolb is already making annually. And assuming (we pray) Kolb isn’t in a Braves uniform next year, I see no financial problem in keeping Farnsworth.

    Furthermore, Farnsworth gives us the one aspect that our bullpen has lacked since Smoltz returned to the rotation: a dominant reliever who can blow hitters away. As good as Reitsma, Sosa, Brower, and Boyer have been in the pen, they have all given up their share of baserunners. None have overly impressive strikeout rates. How many of you really feel comfortable putting one of those guys up against Albert Pujols in the bottom of the 9th with runners on? We needed to give up value to get a guy who can be dominant, and Farnsworth is one of the 10-15 relievers in baseball who can truly strike fear in opposing hitters.

    This deal is for one thing only: the playoffs. I appluad Schuerholz for making it.

  22. The key to this trade will be wether or not the Braves will be able to sign Farnie long-term. I don’t think they will be, because the Braves build their bullpen from scratch every year. They just can’t afford to spend ANY money on free agent relievers.


    Guillen, Farnsworth and Bonderman were ejected. During the brawl, Farnsworth picked up and body slammed Kansas City pitcher Jeremy Affeldt.

    After drilling Guillen, Hernandez — who had hit two Detroit batters earlier in the game — threw down his glove as he and Guillen exchanged words. Guillen then charged the mound and soon both benches and bullpens emptied.

    The scuffle appeared to be over before more pushing and shoving led to Farnsworth’s hard tackle of Affeldt, likely the reason for his longer suspension. espn

    “I expected [the suspension] to be something like that,” Farnsworth said. “I’ll just appeal and go from there.”

  24. Even without his falling out with the franchise, trading Colon is just smart baseball. It’s classic “trade high” formula. Colon gave the team an extremely unexpected boost as an emergency starter, but he’s very unlikely to be anything more than a four or five guy going forward, if that, and the Braves have plenty of guys who can fill that role this season and next. When Powell destroyed his elbow the team developed a sudden need for a dependable guy in the pen. Colon wasn’t that guy.

    It also doesn’t hurt that Farnsworth is one of the few local boys that the Braves didn’t get when they wanted him. He went to college in Tifton.


  25. Kolb’s in his arbitration years. The Braves will likely nontender him if they can’t get rid of him before then. He’s one guy you can be sure will pass through waivers.

  26. I was hoping for trade analysis from Baseball Tonight.

    “Manny is pinch hitting! Manny is pinch hitting! We’ll fill you in, but while Manny is still at the plate, here’s an update on Yankees and Angels.”

    This show is so bad.

  27. Rob Neyer (one of the few guys on ESPN who knows what he is talking about), from ESPN.com’s chat room:

    Nolan (Los Angeles): Farnsworth to the Braves? Does he provide that much value?

    Rob Neyer: (4:12 PM ET ) Here’s my prediction: if he’s still with the Braves in 2006, he’ll be one of the top closers in the National League. Working with Leo Mazzone, he’ll take a bit off his fastball but hit his spots more often. I like this deal for the Braves, as they’ll need a better bullpen in October.

    Rob Neyer: (4:35 PM ET ) I can’t check now, but assuming that Reitsma has been pitching well, I doubt if he’ll lose his job immediately. . . Actually, I take that back. I didn’t realize how well Farnsworth’s pitched this season, and it seems to me he’s got to pitch the most important innings.

  28. Is Buster Olney in The Road from Bristol tourney? If not, he should be just for this:

    Alex (Rocky Mount, NC): Do you think the Braves will make any deadline moves-possibly bullpen help-or will they stay put?

    Buster Olney: (1:34 PM ET ) Hey, folks — time for one more — I’m guessing the Braves do something, because reportedly, they were ready to make a deal for Jamie Moyer, but he killed it with a no-trade clause. John Schuerholz is the ultimate stealth GM, and this is a sign he wants to add a starting pitcher before the deadline; I bet there are doubts about how much help Mike Hampton will give them the rest of this year.l…

  29. This seems to be a good trade taken all together. After all, these late season trades scare me a bit, as they have for a long time now. Colon may end up being quite good, but is his long term ceiling really that high? It seems to me that it is not. As such, I’m happy to see him, instead of say McCann, Marte, or Chuck James, go.

  30. Colon may turn out to be good but Farnsworth is a guy who can come in a strike people out. This is the guy the Braves pen had to have. Plus this removes any thoughts of Kolb in the 8th inning. We now have two options at closer and the best back end of a bullpen we have had maybe ever. We could be looking at 7-8 inning games now. If Kolb can get his act together he could be a good 7th inning guy, if Boyer is hurt.

  31. Farnsworth is right now at least the 2nd best reliever on the club. That’s not a bad return for a castoff and organizational soldier at this point in the season. I would have liked them to go for it this year and get one more professional hitter, but oh well. Given that they were probably bound for the playoffs anyway, I am not sure this accomplished a whole lot. Sure hope Farnsworth signs an extension.

  32. I really don’t thin we need a bat. Sure it would help, but we are close to the top in runs scored. In October if we have a 2-1 lead in the 7th, I won’t be as worried as I was about the pen.

  33. Cubs tend to rob the Pirates blind when no one wants their crap at the deadline. Talent for talent, why do the Pirates make this deal?

  34. The big, splashy trade for a huge bat would have been nice, a la McGriff. But that trade wasn’t there this year. Look around, too many teams still feel they are in the race, so without anybody out there willing to pay a ransom, no huge bats have been exchanged. I imagine for us to have gotten a bat that would have been a serious upgrade at a corner outfield position or at first base (where the platoon isn’t too shabby), probably would have cost us Marte, McCann, James, Lerew (sp?), and the corner outfielder/first baseman we would be replacing. That’s too high a price, even without considering the salary issues. And the Braves are not alone here in not being able to acquire a serious upgrade. So, we have done as much as possible in acquiring a bullpen arm that might help–the qualification is important since bullpen pitchers are always a dicey proposition.

  35. Trade deadline over. Now … can anyone tell me, besides Kolb and Furcal who are the free agents on the Braves for next year. Also, is there a site where this information is listed. Finally, can anyone tell me where to find contract information on the web. Thanks in advance.

  36. With Ty Wigginton one year and Jody Gerut the next, the Pirates are really improving their team by leaps and bounds. At this rate, they’ll be competitive some time after the next ice age.

  37. JoeyT,
    ESPN just broke into the US Open eating competition with an important update: Yankees, Yankees, Red Sox, Red Sox, Manny, Manny, Manny not being traded.

  38. As several people have noted, Farnsworth is a very nice pickup because he can come in and blow people away. The entire Braves pen has been soft-to-medium, relying on “stuff”, where Farnsworth can throw gas right by hitters.

    He’ll probably be the setup guy for the rest of the season, but I bet he’s the closer next year.

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