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BA new list of Braves Top 10 Prospects! (scouting reports) –

Thought I’d point to this. Don’t tell Baseball America!

The top ten:

3B Marte
OF Jeff Francoeur
RHP Wainwright
RHP Bubba Nelson
LHP Dan Meyer
1B LaRoche
LHP Macay McBride
C Brian McCann
RHP Kyle Davies
RHP Anthony Lerew

The McCann ranking is a familiar overprojection by BA. The BravesBeat consensus ranks him 16th, which seems more fair. McCann’s a good hitting prospect, but he’s got all of one year of full-season baseball behind him and he walks about once every 20 times at the plate. I also understand that BA is a little too enthusiastic about his defense.

Brad has more.

4 thoughts on “Content theft fun”

  1. Not about this article though- did anyone else see that ESPN thinks Keith Foulke will most likely end up with the Braves? Has there been a decision to move Smoltz back to the rotation that I missed? Otherwise, he’s a HUGELY expensive set-up man- or maybe an expensive insurance policy?

  2. I agree with Mac, but can’t we dream about the possibility of having one of those guys set up the other?

  3. by the way Mac, people are reading your Where Do We Go From Here third base entry. I feel bad that there’s no post discussion on it but that’s prolly just cuz there’s two entries afterward.

    I figure they’ll go with DeRosa to keep the hot corner warm for Mr. Marte. They gotta. I mean, DeRosa has earned some everyday playing time. He has been patient and somewhat productive as a role player, and let’s also not forget that he tagged that pinch two-run double, in what could be called the team’s ‘biggest’ hit in the postseason.

    Plus, he’s cheap. It sure looks like we can save money with him replacing Vinny, Estrada replacing Javy and even LaRoche replacing Fick. Though Fick wasn’t that expensive, LaRoche will be cheaper than 1 mil for sure. Maybe that would allow a bit of Sheffield bidding?

    But I really hope the kids LaRoche and Marte come through. This could be a very fun, young team in the next few years. I look forward to it.

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