3 thoughts on “From out in left field”

  1. I always appreciate Chipper’s straightforwardness, but …

    1. What trade rumors? With the prospect of losing Sheffield seeming more likely every day, there’s no way Chipper’s going anywhere. They’d deal Andruw before Chipper.

    2. DeRosa’s not an every-day player in my estimation (or in Cox’s either, I would imagine). He’s a solid utility guy, but he doesn’t hit for enough power or get on base enough to produce every day. If he did start at third this year, he’d only be keeping it warm for Marte.

  2. DeRosa’s production wouldn’t be too awful for a shortstop — not his 2000-2002 production, anyway. But you’re right. At third, he’s a seatholder. It’s a little much to expect Chipper to say that they’re waiting on a 20 year old kid, though. I do hope Marte is on the Cabrera path. That would be nice.

    I don’t think there have been any rumors, but Chipper’s probably been the target of some fan discontent. He’s not going anywhere, and neither is Andruw. Well, Andruw might go if A-Rod were involved, but that’s it.

  3. I don’t know if this counts as a rumour, but the AJC’s been pounding the drums about trading one of the Jones boys for the last few weeks. Idiots.

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