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  1. 3. Who is your favorite player of all time?

    Another tie: Hank Aaron and Greg Maddux. Keith Lockhart is 32, 923rd.

    Hank Arron ??? how can that guy be anyone’s favorite player? Ive been a braves fan since the early 80s when I moved to atlanta (Dale Murphy being the favorite of mine).

  2. What’s so bad about Aaron? I’m surprised he’s not in more “Who’s the greatest baseball player of all time” debates.

  3. to be honest, i dont really know, i just dont like him. another guy is Bonds. he was a guy i loved to hate when he was with the pirates. i (forwhatever reason) thinks he is all juiced up. i mean, he is 39, the biggest he has ever been. you gotta admit being 39, your a little past your peak, but yet no one dares to even question it. same with mcgwire. after hitting 70 some homeruns, he retires…..

  4. Having lived in the south through Aaron’s Babe Ruth death March, and hearing what he had to put up with made Hank my all-time baseball hero. Greatness, modesty, class, forgiveness — what more do you want?

  5. i mean, he is 39, the biggest he has ever been. you gotta admit being 39, your a little past your peak, but yet no one dares to even question it.

    It’s actually easier to add mass at that age because your metabolic rate slows. And, I don’t know where you’ve been, but a ridiculous number of people question it, especially considering the lack of evidence.

    same with mcgwire. after hitting 70 some homeruns, he retires…..

    McGwire played three years after hitting 70. Even if he had retired immediately, I don’t know how that would be indicative of anything.

    Suspicion based on illogic isn’t needed in his case, anyway, because he freely admits to having used a testosterone precursor.

  6. 4. What is your favorite baseball stadium?

    Wrigley looks good, though I haven’t been there. Of the stadiums I’ve visited, still Rickwood Field in Birmingham.

    I went to Rickwood a couple months ago. Pretty neat, it’s got covered seats which are nice in case of rain or extreme heat (both of which were present). The authentic and OLD ads on the walls also are a nice touch. I think the Birmingham Barons play one game there every year, but they need to get the grounds crew some work out there because they didn’t get the infield covered right when the rains came and the game was called after eight. Fun to watch though.

  7. I have no idea if Bonds is juiced or not, I just know I love to watch him hit.

    And Aaron is as tiresome as any old baseball player. He says things without backing them up with fact and expects you to take his word for it because he’s an ex-player. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that he’s one of the greatest — and still most underappreciated — players who ever lived. If you think Aaron’s bad, listen to an interview with Bob Feller some time … or listen to Joe Morgan on ESPN.

    Oh … and Joshua, the SHIFT key makes CAPITAL letters. Try it some time.

  8. It is just opinion, but my “favorite” players are either eccentric or outstanding or have some other quirk which makes them stand out. As a Braves fan in the 70s and 80s, I loved Murphy. But, there was no way he would be my favorite. He is, perhaps, the guy you’d most want as your neighbor or boss or co-worker but he just wasn’t interesting enough. I don’t know, that looks weird now that I read it.

    And Aaron, for whatever bluster he may have as an Old-Timer(TM), his amazing career in the face of such staggering opposition and hatred is the stuff of legend, or should be. And, really, while bluster about how much better players were back then or how much tougher, or how much harder it all was is crap, bluster about how much easier black players have it today compared to when he played is completely justified IMO.

  9. Henry Aaron had it tough. He excelled anyway. The best all-around player I ever saw is still Willie Mays. He was the quintessential 5 tool guy. He was the goods.
    My favorite player was probably a toss up between Phil Garner and Dale Murphy. Scrap Iron Garner played the game the way you’re supposed to. He was an all effort, all team guy. Same with Murph, who had more ability. How could you not like Big Murph?
    As for Rickwood Field, I wish the Birmingham Barons still played there. It’s a real ballpark, unlike that cement bowl they play in now. Rickwood is also the oldest baseball park still standing and still in use.

  10. I think if we are talking about righties and lefties combined then the best player ever is Barry Lamar….no argument…

  11. after hearing the recent comments made by hank arron in regards to the pete rose betting on baseball and wanting reinstatement qoute “I just think it’s hogwash to say that he should be put back into the game just because the public wants it,” Aaron said. “A rule is a rule, and the rule is on every clubhouse door that you can’t bet on baseball. It doesn’t say that you’re excluded if you have 4,000 hits or 700 home runs.”
    hank arron
    ive always had much respect for hank arron and reading his comments on the matter has made me a fan of h.a. all over again!!!!

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