8 thoughts on “Fans clamor for Caray, Van Wieren”

  1. Count me in. To whom can I clamor? Don and Joe are like chugging a bottle of NyQuil. Only without the alcohol.

  2. Heck, I don’t dislike Don and Joe all that much; I just miss Skip and Pete. They’re institutions. Their demotion is akin to when Ernie Harwell was fired: done by someone who knows or cares little about history in an attempt to acheive something (appealing to non-Braves fans) that isn’t particularly worth achieving. And it ain’t working either!

  3. Yes, please, by all means, bring them back. I was really looking forward to hearing their commentary this seeason and I was quite shocked and disapointed when I realized they weren’t calling the games. Where do we write?

  4. As someone who listens to more games on the radio than watches on television, for very selfish reasons, I’m thrilled that Pete & Skip are on the radio more often. I can do without Skip, but Pete paints a beautiful picture of the game and really allows me to follow it without pictures. So AOL/TBS, stay stupid – keep Van Weiren off the tely.

  5. I agree, somewhat, with bamadan. There’s nothing better after those bad days at work when I’m driving home late and having Skip and Pete on the radio. Where I depart from bamadan is that I really love Skip’s cantankerous with.

  6. For me this season, Braves baseball has been an audio or video experience but not both. When I’m at work I listen to the radio and enjoy Skip and Pete. When I’m at home I watch the game on TV with the sound muted so I can avoid Don and Joe.

    So sign me up for the clamoring.

  7. Our family is very upset as are many of our friends & associates at the removal of Skip Caray from TBS Atlanta Braves. Skip is very pleasing to listen to..much more than Don Sutton.

    Please reconsider TBS…..WE MISS SKIP !!!!!!

  8. ted , do you have any say any more. or do you care. to me the fun of being a billion hier would be just that”having fun” or whats the point.take a lesson from stinebrener.spend way to much for big name players. keep the management that delivers. keep the comentaters that we have loved for all these great years.in short if it aint broke dont fix it.ted buy back control and, lets have some fun again.

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