– MLB – Recap – Diamondbacks at Braves – 08/17/2003

I hope the eight Turner South mutants enjoyed the 1998-vintage pitchers’ duel between Schilling and Maddux. I can’t imagine anyone would want to see that when they could have watched Die Hard 2 for the 73rd time instead.

Schilling completely dominated the Braves. Marcus hit a ball off the wall in the first, but that was the only hit he allowed in eight innings, walking two and striking out 12. You see, that’s what a staff ace looks like. No offense meant to Russ Ortiz, but wow. He could have lost anyway; Javy hit a deep fly with DeRosa on in the eighth that would have given the Braves a lead, but it was a warning-track shot. According to the game story, of course, since nobody actually saw it.

Maddux didn’t match Schilling pitch-for-pitch, but did well enough, except for a solo homer by Alex Cintron in the seventh. He walked one, allowed seven hits, and struck out five. Cintron also scored the Diamondbacks’ second run, coming home on a single in the ninth after doubling off Mercker.

I’m not sure why Mercker was in there except that Bobby is trying him out in the Remlinger role. I don’t think he’s as good of a pitcher as the last lefthanded reliever/converted starter the Braves overpaid the Reds for, but it’s worth a try. In that situation though — down one in the ninth at home — you bring in your closer, especially when he hasn’t pitched in the series. The Braves had first-and-third in the ninth with one out and the Joneses due up, and Chipper might have been able to drive in the tying run if it had been 1-0. 2-0 he apparently was swinging for the fences and struck out, as did Andruw. Chipper had the 0-4, three strikeout golden sombrero, but Andruw beat him with the platinum sombrero, 0-4 all of them Ks. Ouch.

Day game tomorrow to finish up the homestand, Batista and Hampton. The Marlins likely will win, for what it’s worth, while the Phillies play tonight.