Atlanta 10, Arizona 6 – MLB – Recap – Diamondbacks at Braves – 08/16/2003

Despite Horacio Ramirez’ best efforts to lose the game singlehandedly, the Braves won anyway behind the bullpen and the outfield. Ramirez pitched 4 2/3, allowing seven hits, walking 5, giving up six runs, four earned — his own errors leading to the unearned runs — and only striking out two. It’s hard to pitch much worse. Gryboski got the only man he faced and wound up with a win.

Sheffield was 2-4 with a walk, two runs scored. Chipper was 2-3 with two walks, two runs scored. Andruw was 2-5, both his hits big ones — a two-run double to cut an Arizona lead to 4-3, and an RBI single to tie the game at 6, and also scored twice. Marcus had the only homer, a first-inning solo shot. Once again, all the regulars got hits.

Bobby may still be sorting out the bullpen. Will Cunnane pitched two good innings, allowing one hit and striking out two. Hodges pitched one with the same numbers. Ray King proved that he can’t fill Boom-Boom’s role, as he allowed one hit in the ninth, but not the second one to set up a save situation.

The Phillies and Marlins won; the Braves are doing them a big favor by beating the DBacks so they probably don’t care so much about being 12 and 12 1/2 back in the division. Arizona is now four out in the wildcard… Schilling and Maddux tomorrow. Sure, that would be more impressive a couple of years ago… But it should still be on an actual network, not Turner South. Congratulations to the eight Turner South mutants, maybe you’ll get to see something special.

5 thoughts on “Atlanta 10, Arizona 6”

  1. Wow. Ramirez has not been impressing lately. I’m not sure if I let him into a playoff game unless he’s had a lot of rest. I don’t know how much of an effect pitching winter ball is having, but he seems to have hit a wall. I would definitely start slipping Ramirez more rest between starts, maybe skip one and use Marquis, just something to see if he can’t get back to where he was early on.

  2. Maybe now that the Braves have won 4 in a row and the Giants have lost 4 in a row AND we’re 5.5 up on the Yanks for best record in Baseball will rank us #1 in the power rankings. Seriously, best record in baseball for a while now and we only have 4 weeks as #1. Does that make any sense?

  3. The funny thing about Turner South (I actually get it in NC of all places) is that the production quality is terrible, much worse then TBS. For example, the bases on the graphic that tells you if their are runners on base doesnt seem to work. The bases always seem yellow, no matter if they are occupied or not. I thought it might be the TV, but after asking around and checking the color settings, it is definetly turner south, not sure you guys are missing much. Not to mention the ridiculous promos during the game and the horrid rain delay programming. At least we get to see the game.

  4. It’s just a bad rule. I doubt it will ever be changed as MLB has enough problems with deciding about things that will change the game (Expos, All-Star game, etc.) to worry about something that only affects stats.

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