– MLB – Recap

I am beginning to dislike double-headers. Bobby screwed up, probably because of the second game looming, leaving Jaret Wright in past the 100 pitch mark even after giving up two runs in the sixth. He gave up a pinch-hit double on his 109th pitch of the game, then Gryboski finally came in to allow a single for the fifth run of the inning. No pitcher should ever allow five runs after the fifth. The Braves, leading 4-1 to that point, were 6-4 down. They cut it to 6-5 in the top of the seventh, only to see Travis Smith serve up a Travis Smith Special — a backbreaking three-run homer.

Even then, they cut it to 9-7 with two out in the ninth on a double by Chipper, but Estrada, representing the tying run, struck out. He was 0-5 on the day, leaving four on base… Marcus was 3-5, LaRoche 2-3 with a double. Andruw hit a two-run homer that at the time made it 2-1; the Braves got four runs in the fourth to seemingly take control.

The Marlins won again, scoring six in the eighth to beat the stupid Expos. The lead is back down to 7 1/2 with the second game of the double-header looming. Hopefully Bobby won’t concede this game like he did last time. The Phillies are losing early to the Reds, but the Reds can blow any lead. Paul Byrd, who has been pitching well but was a victim of the last double-header of doom, goes against Jae Seo. On paper, it’s a good matchup for the Braves, but not if Bobby holds out four or five regulars like last time. There is no way I’ll be up for the end of this, so recap in the morning unless I jump off the bridge on my way to work. It’s quite a high bridge.