Atlanta 6, San Francisco 1 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Giants

Chipper’s back in the lineup, Andruw’s back to hitting homers, and the Braves are back to a half game out of first.

Chipper’s still a little gimpy, but was in the lineup, batting fifth. In the first inning, Andruw hit a two-out, two-run homer, which Chipper followed with a long solo shot to make it 3-0. In the third, Andruw hit another two-run homer. In the seventh, Orr pinch-hit singled, was wild-pitched to third, and came home on a Johnson sac fly. Orr was the only runner to reach against Kirk Rueter, who threw five innings of relief, which is kind of disturbing, but a win’s a win.

Jorge Sosa let runners on all over the place in his six innings of work. The only inning he wasn’t in trouble in was the fifth. But he kept getting out of it, somehow. He went six, allowed six hits and walked four, but only the one run. I don’t believe in the consistent ability to pitch around two baserunners an inning, but last night it worked. Foster, Brower, and Kolb pitched the last three innings, with Kolb allowing the only baserunner, and that one erased on a DP.

The Natspos lost through more showings of sheer incompetence — three errors, two by Vinny — to fall to a half game up… Another freaking night game, Ramirez versus Schmidt, on Turner South tonight. Again, no recap until the morning.

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  1. According to the Washington Post, the Braves are now “on the Nats’ heels.” It took them long enough to notice! The article was all full of doom and gloom, though, as was a special column by Boswell. They are, at least for now, resembling the Expos. We have to kick them while they’re down, which means winning tonight and possibly sweeping the series.

    Jorge Sosa really did everything he could to lose that game, but the Giants just wouldn’t let him! If they’d taken advantage of all the baserunners everywhere, the score should have been 8-6 or something. Does anyone have the number of LOB for the Giants last night? That was truly pathetic.

  2. A wobbly Chipper has to worry Adam LaRoche.

    The Reds sure could use a pitcher and a first-baseman. Horacio and Rochy for an outfield bat would be nice.

  3. Listening to the game last night and hearing how Sosa got out of one scrape after another reminded me that I don’t miss Ortiz all that much. Sosa was a little rusty, that’s all. He’ll do better next time out.

    As for trades, I say the Braves should hold on to LaRoche. One of the rookie outfielders is the most likely bait.

  4. By the way, Jenny, how does it feel to be rooting for two teams a half game out of first?

  5. How about Sosa and LaRoche? That Pena kid looks promising. If all they do is look at “traditional” stats like ERA and Wins, Sosa is extremely movable. JC will probably correct me on this, but it looks like he’s outperforming his HR/K/BB-based ERA by about TWO RUNS.

    Come on, the guy’s ERA is miniscule. Move him now.

  6. quit with all the laroche trade shit….he needs to stay..he’s good…he’s solid..he’s young..he’s getting better…..

  7. JC Do you really think that we should trade Rochy when its not clear to me that Chipper is going to stay in the lineup? Besides,the Reds are already overpaying Sean Casey. Who do you want, Kearns?
    I watched a little of last nights game. Better lucky than good. Sosa was terrible but just good enough. From the last thread I will put my 2 cents in. If Chipper is at least 85% you bat him 3rd to give your best hitter as many at bats as possible. KJ at least got some good wood on a couple of balls which is better than watching him swing through inside low fastballs. Langerhans showed some patience which is another good sign. I’ve seen a lot of 8th place hitters swing at everything because they know they aren’t going to see a pitch in the zone with the pitcher coming up.
    Watch out Nats a return to the natural order of things is about to happen.

  8. What about Sean Casey? Doesn’t he play 1st base for the Reds, and is their best hitter? He hasn’t been traded yet.

    The Giants left 8 on base, but the Braves had 2 double plays against them.

  9. Let’s not trade any pitchers yet. You never know about Hampton or Hudson. Smoltz hammy is bothering him along with a bad back. THe bull pen has been great this month. I don’t have any numbers in front of me, but they have looked great. Last night’s pen performance was outstanding. Even the hit Kolb gave up was a “groud ball with eyes,” that Giles almos came up with.

    Unless someone wows us with a trade, I wouldn’t move anyone. I like this team, they are fun to watch.

  10. LaRoche/Franco .270 19HR 83RBI vs.
    Helton .290 10HR 41RBI
    Delgado .295 18HR 70RBI
    Konerko .256 21HR 57RBI
    Sexson .259 20HR 67RBI

    I’ll take our platoon. Has anyone noticed Furcal heating up?

  11. Ditto what Smitty said. The chemistry’s good right now, and you never know who’s going to come up lame next, so it’s best to hold on to who we have. Besides, I really think that LaRoche will put up some respectable HR numbers in the future. The platoon at first is working, though Julio won’t last forever. Until the day comes when LaRoche plays every day, why tinker with something that isn’t broken?

  12. I’d love a good relief pitcher, and a nice right-handed compliment to Langerhans (and let Francoeur continue to develop in the minors). The problem with trading an everyday player at this stage is that you have to be sure that you’re getting a clear upgrade. I don’t know that you can do that with LaRoche. Long term, of course I like Marte better. But are he and “new outfield guy” going to outperform LaRoche and Langerhans for the next couple of months? If we do something like that in the offseason, at least there’s time for Marte to work through any rookie struggles. And there’d be time for new guy to either work out or not. You’ve only got one chance to do it right at this stage. And if you’re looking to trade major leaguers for major leaguers, it seems like the options are much better in the offseason. I think it’s great that GMs in LA, Boston, Florida and a couple of other places are bold enough to do stuff like that. But I don’t blame those that aren’t, and when it comes to my favorite team I’m a little nervous about it too.

  13. Why should we make any trade? We are third in the league in scoring and second in the league in both pitching and defense. What’s wrong with our team? If LaRoche’s last season is any indication, Johnson and Langerhans will only get better. Adam Dunn? We give up prospects to watch him striking out with runners on base? That guy is a strikeout machine.

  14. IF (key word) we can pull away, we can rest some guys like Smoltz and Chipper and not miss a beat. The Natspos are looking at guys like Jeff Weaver to come in. Let them have them. We might be able to get a pitcher of waivers if we need to later on.
    IF we can have a healthy/rested team in October look out! We will have an excellent 1-2-3 punch with our starters. Maybe 4 if Thompson can get back.

    I would rather face the Cards in the first round, but I know that won’t happen. I think if you can trot 2-3 really good pitcher out in the first round, you will win. I don’t think they have the pitching depth. Maybe the Natspos can win the Wild Card and win 3 -one run games in the first round.
    Speaking of that stat the Nats have dropped 4-one run games in a row!

  15. Much as I like the team as currently constituted, I don’t think we have enough offense to win the World Series. Trading LaRoche now is smart because it solves a problem we’re going to have next year: finding a place to put Marte, who is refusing to be rattled at all the movement up and down he’s done and destroying AAA pitching. I don’t think we have the parts to put together a trade for Dunn and am not convinced that we should. Kearns, on the other hand, should be easier to get, and I like his bat in the playoffs a lot more than Ryan’s.

  16. I think there is almost no chance the Braves will make a trade, but if they do I think LaRoche and Horacio are the most likely candidates to go. I think LaRoche is a good player, which is why he might bring something valuable. If you just trade a crappy prospect you’re going to end up with Tom Martin.

    Sosa is outperforming his stats by a long shot. In my opinion, I feel more comfortable with Bernero in the game than Sosa. And I’m not kidding, which is why Mac keep trying to get me to go to the doctor ;). I think he would be a bit harder to move, and net less in return. He makes more than HoRam and he’s got the baggage of the TB years. I think he’s older too, but his age is in dispute. HoRam still has people who think he’s something, and that’s why I think he could bring more value. I’m not one of those people. I see Damion Moss and Russ Ortiz, not Tom Glavine. With Davies, James, and Colon in the system, I think the Braves can afford to move one of their starters even if Hampton goes back on the DL.

    Sean Casey is now awful. And he’s playing worse than his actual numbers this year. LaRoche is attractive because of youth, ability, low pay, and he could even pitch. And I think he actually could be converted to the ultra-rare left-handed catcher. I like Adam a lot, but he’s taking up a position that is typically reserved for better hitters. He’s a luxury to the Braves.

    If Chipper gets hurt and Adam is gone, the Braves still have Franco who’s been just as good as LaRoche. And they can plug in almost any of their extra bats at the easiest defensive slot on the diamond.

  17. I would trade LaRoche for ANY bullpen or outfield help. Despite the Peter Gammons’ seal of approval, this year has not proven to be a breakout. Remember, this is the guy that went on the DL for an extra month b/c the shorter treatment program may have “ruined” his chances of pitching. The guy has a spot on a major league roster, yet, sells his teamates out because he was a good high school pitcher. The Braves are a good team b/c of unselfish play. It’d be great karma to have LaRoche sent off to make room for the utlimate team player, Chipper. A perenial allstar that is willing to move positions or defer salary if it helps the team. Good riddens to the Cock-Roche.

  18. LaRoche is fourth in the league in RBI at first base, out little platoon would lead all the major leagues. LaRoche is 7th in the league in HR by first basemen, if he hits two more he will be third. Oh by the way, Delgado has about 70 more AB’s than LaRoche.

    A good first baseman will save a team a run a game. I think it is no shocker that our defence has been so good this season and LaRoche is a big reason why. Ask Furcal…

  19. I think we will only consider trading LaRoche if Chipper agrees to move to first base, which will not be during mid-season.

  20. I think the story on LaRoche sitting out to preserve his pitching ability is 1) bogus and 2) not a bad idea if it’s true.

    On 1 — I have a friend in the know who tells me LaRoche was injured well before the collision at home, but kept it to himself like any good rookie should. He was playing through an injury not tanking.

    On 2 — The guy has a MLB quality left-handed pitching arm. He’s young, and he’s got to earn a living. I’d be pissed if he didn’t sit out to protect that arm.

    On LaRoche’s defense — I’ve seen no evidence that it’s better than anyone else’s.

    On his RBI — It’s a poor stat to judge players. Look who’s been batting in front of LaRoche. That’s the big reason for his high RBI total.

  21. He also has no chin and looks like a freakishly tall leprechaun when he tries to grow a beard.

  22. He is still getting hits with guys on base. He is hitting well over .300 with guys in scoring position and two outs.

  23. I don’t believe we should make any trades, because in a sense we have already made 3 blockbusters.

    But, I think I like the idea of Chipper hitting behind Andruw. Andruw will get some pitches to hit that way. but that is just me.

  24. Trade LaRoche in the offseason for bullpen help and maybe another outfielder. He, HoRam, and Estrada make pretty good trade bait. We absolutely cannot trade him during this year, though, because in case no one has noticed, Julio Franco is 46 years old. He can’t play every day and I still think LaRoche is a better player. And we need his bat. Next year I think we almost have to move Chipper to 1B, his lower extremities are not cooperating at his current position. And I have no clue what to do about our SS dilemma. Furcal’s upswing is starting to make me think that we should at least make a half-hearted attempt to resign him. He’s hitting .340-something for over a month now and has 30 SBs already and is fabulous defensively. I don’t think we should give him more money, but we should at least make an attempt. Who do we stick at SS if he walks, though? Betemit? I don’t think he’s very good, despite that hot streak, and should probably be traded. KJ used to be an SS, but I like him better in the outfield. So we need another OF, an SS, and a bullpen. Pretty tall order. I still want Brian Giles.

    Charlie, it’s not just you, I liked the batting order as well.

    And David, it is a very fun but tense experience rooting for 2 teams who are .5 games out of first place. I like the Braves’ chances better than the O’s, especially since I think the Burnett trade is getting worse by the minute, but I’m having the time of my life right now.

  25. just a few weeks ago, most people were saying sosa could be an mvp candidate for our team considering his versatility. last night, he looked horrible, but managed to get out of everything and all of a sudden he stinks, he’s overrated, and needs to be traded. i still think he has incredible stuff and i hope some of you can practice a little patience with him. i was a little disturbed when i checked the blog this morning and saw all the people dogging sosa out. he has been great and definitely needs to stay.

  26. I like his stuff, Ryan, but sometimes you have to move a player when his value is high if (a) you have a ready replacement and (b) you think he’s not as good as his numbers. JC, I know, thinks that Sosa has been very lucky (but Bernero? Please, the man can’t pitch with runners on base) and if he keeps letting two runners on base an inning he isn’t going to stay lucky. Sosa was a big help when the Braves needed him, but if he can be part of a deal to bring an established bullpen arm or a quality hitter I think you have to go for it. And don’t forget he’s going to get a big raise soon.

  27. The 1B comparison is great… until you look at the number of AB as well. LaRoche/Franco combine for almost 100 more AB than any of those other 1B.

    The NL average for 1B is at .284/.264/.481 and LaRoche is at .269/.323/.473. For the 2nd consecutive year, Adam is a below average hitter for a 1B. His minor league numbers were also mediocre for a 1B. I’m not sure why some people believe LaRoche is going to magically morph into a top-notch hitter in the majors. If some team is willing to give the Braves a good bullpen arm or corner OF for a package involving LaRoche, Schuerholz needs to pull the trigger. LaRoche could easily be replaced despite what some people would like to think.

  28. Sosa was the MVP til Andrew caught fire. I think the Nick Green/ Sosa deal was the best move of the spring. I am sure if he comes out in his next start and goes 7 shutout innings ESPN will make us trade him to either the Yankees or Red Sox for whatever prospect Gammons says. Harold Reynolds will then give Sosa the AL Cy Young.

    ESPN has also canceled the W.S., The World Champ will be who ever wins the majority of the 19 regular season matchup between the Yanks and Sox.

    I think ESPN thinks the Yankees and Red Sox play in some sort of Matrix where they are the only two teams. Here is what I hope happens:

    AL East
    AL Central
    AL West
    Wild Card

    Cleveland sweeps Baltimore
    Sox beat LAA

    Cleveland beats Chicago

    NL Central
    St. Louis
    NL West
    Wild Card

    Braves beat Padres
    St.Louis beats Washington
    Braves sweep St. Louis

    Braves beat Cleveland

    Fox and ESPN would still talk about the Yankees and Red Sox and how if they had made the playoffs this wouldn’t be a contest.

  29. The arbitration thing is a concern with Sosa, but I think it’s a legitimate question as to whether or not this guy’s control problems can be fixed. If they can, then why not try? Somebody who knows what they’re doing thinks he just needs to be more consistent mechanically, or else Pete wouldn’t have been going on and on about his “arm slot” last night. If that’s true, and it wouldn’t be a big surprise given his relative inexperience and the fact that he has been in two organization with patterns or poor pitching development, then I think he’s worth holding onto. You don’t have to be married to the idea, but I think you’d like to keep him and see what you can do.

  30. Wow. Sosa as the Braves MVP before Andruw got hot? Uh, okay. The guy was a little-used reliever who made a few okay but not great starts because the team was in a pinch. Let’s not get carried away.

    If the “arm slot” thing was supposed to improve his control it didn’t really work. Walking 4 in 6 innings isn’t very good.

  31. I think he could have been up on the MVP list on the team. He was the most consistant player. He was solid and steped up in a big way for the team.

  32. I’m pretty sure I said “see what you can do”, and not “see how it worked out.” I don’t think he’s fixed because I’m capable of reading box scores and interpretting their meaning, but I’m wondering if he can be fixed. It sounds like someone (Bobby and/or Leo) thinks he can be, and that leads me to think it might not be such a bad idea to try and see.

  33. A bit testy, hm? No need for that. I just don’t get the fascination with Jorge Sosa. He throws hard. Wowee. So do a lot of other pitchers. If the guy were super young, I could maybe see wanting to hold on to him but he’s nearing 30. If a team is fooled into thinking Sosa is actually as good as his ERA, then let that team give up a reliever or corner OF for him.

  34. Yes, a bit. But only because you intentionally misinterpretted my comments for the purposes of your own argument. It’s not a big deal, but I did want to be clear what I actually said. Anyway, there’s no fascination on my part. And you can’t let a good deal for a guy like this pass you by. I just don’t see any need to actively shop him. He’s not young, but he didn’t start pitching until fairly late in his career. That’s not as good as young, but he hasn’t as much of an opportunity to develop as someone his age who’s been pitching his entire career.

  35. I meant fascinaton in general, not you specifically. There are a lot of Braves fans who seem to be fooled into thinking Sosa is a great pitcher. I don’t think you can look at Sosa’s 2005 line and say he’s pitched great. Is the ERA great? Yes, it is. His peripherals are rather poor, though, and I still believe that the more exposure he gets, the worse those numbers will look. Maybe I’ll turn out to be wrong. That’s fine as it’ll be good for the Braves. I’d just rather try to pawn him off now before the shine wears off.

  36. Re: Get Real & avg NL 1b #s. If you’re going to compare LaRanco (FraRoche?) to the average for BA/OBP/SLG, I think you need to take outliers into account. Specifically the alien that has taken over Derek Lee, and the (now that Barry is out he can finally win an) MVP Albert Pujols. Yeah, LaRanco is nowhere in their league. But comparing him to the ‘average’ 1b with those two in there would make anyone pale by comparison.
    I’m not saying leave them out (after all, you need everyone to get the ‘average’) – I’m just saying it makes the comparison a bit unfair.
    FraRoche is not the best or the worst (after all, we could have Meinkewicz {sic} or even the desiccated remains of Carlos Baerga like the Natspos), and just dumping him without a viable replacement could easily result in having to deal with a below-average (and even below replacement-level) substitute. Because, you look at the players that some teams have ended up with, and you’ve got to realize that you’re not guaranteed to be able to fill a hole easily (even at a hitter’s position).

  37. If the “arm slot” thing was supposed to improve his control it didn’t really work. Walking 4 in 6 innings isn’t very good.

    People need to chill out on the walks. He was on abnormally long rest and his ball was running all over the place, with the added kicker that the ump wasn’t giving anything last night. Refining your control is something that’s teachable, having unhittable stuff isn’t. He’ll be fine.

  38. Chipper did ONLY hit one home run last night and it didn’t even go into the bay. We should trade him for John Franco while we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Jonathan- I understand your point. Still, if you compare LaRoche’s numbers to most 1B, one-on-one, he’s still middle-of-the-pack. That was my only point, not that LaRoche (or LaFranco) is horrible. As for replacing him, I think Andy Marte could best Adam’s numbers rather easily and Chipper could move to 1B.

    nyb- Are you implying that Sosa has “unhittable stuff”? If so, that’s a laugh. Sosa’s career numbers don’t look like those of a pitcher who has “unhittable stuff.” Even this year when Sosa’s been “great”, his numbers aren’t even close to what I’d expect out of a pitcher with “unhittable stuff” but whatever I guess. This is exactly the type of attitude I was referring to in my other posts.

  40. Yes, smitty, suggesting that LaRoche is easily replaced and his trade could really help the Braves is tantamount to trading any and every player on the team who doesn’t hit a HR in every AB. How astute of you.

  41. He was on abnormally long rest and his ball was running all over the place, with the added kicker that the ump wasn’t giving anything last night.

    As I read this, all I can think about is John Belushi’s plea to Carrie Fisher in The Blues Brothers.

  42. So you don’t like the word unhittable. Fine. You pick the word. He has elite stuff. Those pitchers don’t come along every day. The fact that he was not able to harness it under the regime of despair in Tampa is not surprising.

    That Bobby and Leo picked him to stay in the rotation over Davies and Colon suggests that they get it. You clearly do not.

  43. Yeah and Bobby and Leo also picked Shane Reynolds to stay in the rotation over a number of young starters.

    Again, if Sosa’s stuff is so “elite” why do his numbers not reflect it? Even this year with the great Leo working with him.

  44. Again, if Sosa’s stuff is so “elite” why do his numbers not reflect it?

    Because you are unfamilar with his numbers? His strikeout rate is what landed him in Atlanta in the first place.

    He’s 28, but a converted position player so still young as a pitcher. This is his first year as a pitcher outside of the clutches of the Tampa organization – essentially his first season with good instruction. He’s worth investing some time in.

    You will forgive me if I accept Bobby and Leo judgement over your silly ramblings.

  45. Shane Reynolds was decent and our best option at the time. Sosa has had two starts where he wasn’t great. One was last night, but he only gave up one run. If the Giants had done this or If the Giants done that… we would have lost 8-6. If Napolean had B-52’s…
    Sosa pitched around his mistakes and got the job done. Maddux always said his biggest pitches came with runners on and he made them, so did Sosa. He did a great job of getting out of jams.

  46. Not to change the subject, (read: to change the subject) any word on how Hamptons arm reacted after his start? Maybe I missed this.

  47. No, I’m quite familiar with the piss poor numbers Sosa put up in Tampa Bay. I’m also quite familiar with the mediocre numbers he’s putting up this year. As for the strikeout rate comment, he had exactly one year in Tampa Bay with a good strikeout rate and even then he was pummelled and ended up with a lovely 5.53 ERA.

    To reiterate what I and others have said, if Sosa continues to allow baserunners at this rate his ERA will jump and match his peripherals. There’s nothing “elite” about Jorge Sosa.

  48. If Shane Reynolds was “decent” in 2004, your standards must be really, really low. The guy was horrible for us that year and was certainly not the best option available. However, he was a Proven Vet so Bobby went with him. Shocker.

  49. get real, do you have any friends? my guess would be no. your arguments are so elementary. you pick one example that compliments your belief and somehow seem to overlook all the ones which would be contradicting. last time i looked sosa’s numbers for this year are reflecting a significant improvement, and he IS a pretty good pitcher (better than davies and colon, our other 2 options).

  50. The only number of Sosa’s “reflecting a significant improvement” is his ERA. His other numbers are no better. Sorry. Oh and what am I overlooking? Please point all these examples that I’m overlooking.

    The friend thing is typical. If someone doesn’t agree with your point of view, try to attack them personally instead of addressing the topic at hand. Talk about “elementary”…

  51. Shane Reynolds’ won 11 games for us, his ERA was high, but he was decent as a 5th starter. It was 2003 not 2004. Who could have have put in for him?

  52. the reason i said the “friend” thing is the fact you try to argue with absolutely everyone in here, and do you even realize that MANY people get testy with you. you have a way of personally attacking someone with your opinions by telling others how bad their opinions are. does anyone else out there agree or am i taking crazy pills?

    the bobby and leo thing with shane reynolds. for years the braves have continually had an ELITE pitching staff, and you seem to pick out 1 pitcher over the past 13 years that was mediocre for our rotation. over the past 13 years, how many more success stories do we have rather than failures? you seemed to overlook the other 50 (approximate) that have overachieved in their role, and who bobby and leo have trusted in that role.

  53. …In other news ESPn’s Peter Gammons says the Atlanta Braves have been forced to trade Andrew Jones to the Yankees for George Costanza.

    John Kruk just said the following on the radio…
    “I don’t know what the Red Sox are going to do now that they have fallen from the lead. I like Curt closing, some people think I am an idiot.”

    Honest to God that is what he said!!!!!!

  54. No, Ryan, you’re not taking crazy pills. Get Real, please accept that people in here are going to have differing opinions and that it’s not your place to make them seem ridiculous when they don’t agree with you. I for one trust Bobby and Leo on this. We’ve had fabulous pitching staffs for a long time now, excepting the inevitable few clunkers like Albie Lopez, and I think their decision-making is just fine.

    nyb-“The ump wasn’t giving anything last night”? I thought the strike zone was huge! One strike three pitch from Sosa was at least 6 inches outside. I thought Sosa got lucky on a LOT of pitches.

    Has John Kruk been reading the Road from Bristol?

  55. Here is an idea…Lets trade LaRoche bring Chipper over to 1st so he can stretch out his bad hamstrings for a couple of days. Then we can bring up Marte and watch him struggle and bat around .190 making a couple of mistakes everyday. Then Chipper could get hurt again then we could let Franco cover 1st everyday.

    As for LaRoche he could go play 1st everyday putting up numbers like .280 w/ 30HR’s. Not bad for a 1st baseman.

  56. I almost fell out of my chair when Kruk said that. He also said baseball should change the rule where the home plate umpire calls a ball fair or foul before it reaches a base. Sigh

  57. It’s funny that the same people who are jumping on Get Real make some of the same statements about other players, then change their tune when the player improves (Kolb is one good example, as is Andruw Jones. Furcal is next up).
    Sosa is a good pitcher, but he’s probably closer to John Rocker (pre-SI) in the control department than Eric Gagne. Whether the Leo can harness the talent remains to be seen. When you have a guy who has stat lines like Nuke LaLouche from Bull Durham, they could go either way.

    Many of these same people thought Furcal was finished. Well, he’s been one of the hottest hitters in the majors since the middle of June, and has helped carry the load even when Andruw cooled off.

    Things could be worse, we could all be Nationals fans who have been lured into a false sense of security, only to be terribly dissapointed over the next two and a half months. They will be in last place before Sept. 15 and there will be 5,000 fans in the stands.

  58. Thanks for jumping on my case while not offering the same treatment to ryan c. I love how the guy makes a personal attack yet I’m the one that needs to accept that people have differing opinions.

  59. Cock-Roche’s shoulder quote on why he’d have unneeded surgery mid-season. Since, I’m not “in the know”, i’ll listen to the man himself: “I’d like to fix it like I’m a pitcher, in case I throw [someday] down the line,” LaRoche said. “If surgery is needed to avoid arthritis or something, instead of just letting it heal, let’s do it right.”(USA Today). What a team player! I understand others may not agree, but IF I, and it doesnt look favorable, ever find myself a MLB rookie with a starting job on one of my generation’s dynasty clubs, IM GONNA PLAY HURT. The Braves historic run has seen the Big Cat play first base with cancer, yes, CANCER. Sid Bream play first without knees, that isnt easy. And if the Crimedawg was ever hurt, he sure didnt tell anyone. I’m disguted. Reasonable minds may differ. I do agree that a mid-season switch of position would be ill advised, so I could wait for the Roche to be shipped out in the offseason. Although, the braves do have a glut of 1B at Richmond, now that Thorman is called up.

    As for Sosa, I dont think we could get anything better on the trade market, thanks to J. Wright. At this point, teams must hate trading us the “wasted potentials” off their bench, only to watch them blossum. I can only think of two trades in 1 years where we gave value for value with pitching (Hudson and Neagle). Otherwise, teams just curse themselves and watch Leo, Bobby, and Jon continue building winners.

    As for ESPN.COM, please join me in boycotting. They finally did it, the put Gammons on the damn INSIDER access. Bastards.

  60. Too many people are too quick to jump on players. Giles, Sosa, and LaRoche have been the targets of late. Who will go 0-3 tonight and be on the Braves Journal trading block?

  61. nyb-“The ump wasn’t giving anything last night”? I thought the strike zone was huge! One strike three pitch from Sosa was at least 6 inches outside. I thought Sosa got lucky on a LOT of pitches.

    I do remember that pitch and that was a nice gift. The ump last night absolutely would not give the slider at the knees which is Sosa’s best pitch. To get a strike on a breaking ball you had to throw it waste high, which of course is not where you want to throw that pitch. Unless it’s that wicked one Sosa struck out Alou with in the fifth which was, trembling as I type anticipating Get Real’s response, unhittable.

    I give Sosa credit though he didn’t let it rattle him and didn’t give in like Correia did. I would not describe the zone last night as huge but reasonable people can disagree.

    Get Real is hilarious. I’m not so sure it isn’t someone intelligent doing a parody of a baffoon. I enjoyed our interaction even if we were talking past each other.

  62. If Simmons goes Insider, I’m driving to Bristol and giving the entire executive floor swirlies.

  63. Simmons has said that he won’t go Insider, that he doesn’t think that a column that doesn’t contain “news” should be paid for. Hey, maybe he’s on strike and that’s where he’s been for two weeks.

  64. good grief guys…what do you want adamn to do..he’s in his 2nd year,,shares time and still puts up good numbers..not to mention he’s key with two outs and runners in scoring pos….what else can yoou guys ask for….Fuck!!!

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