– MLB – Recap – Braves at Giants

Chipper’s back in the lineup, Andruw’s back to hitting homers, and the Braves are back to a half game out of first.

Chipper’s still a little gimpy, but was in the lineup, batting fifth. In the first inning, Andruw hit a two-out, two-run homer, which Chipper followed with a long solo shot to make it 3-0. In the third, Andruw hit another two-run homer. In the seventh, Orr pinch-hit singled, was wild-pitched to third, and came home on a Johnson sac fly. Orr was the only runner to reach against Kirk Rueter, who threw five innings of relief, which is kind of disturbing, but a win’s a win.

Jorge Sosa let runners on all over the place in his six innings of work. The only inning he wasn’t in trouble in was the fifth. But he kept getting out of it, somehow. He went six, allowed six hits and walked four, but only the one run. I don’t believe in the consistent ability to pitch around two baserunners an inning, but last night it worked. Foster, Brower, and Kolb pitched the last three innings, with Kolb allowing the only baserunner, and that one erased on a DP.

The Natspos lost through more showings of sheer incompetence — three errors, two by Vinny — to fall to a half game up… Another freaking night game, Ramirez versus Schmidt, on Turner South tonight. Again, no recap until the morning.