What happened to Wise?

Pinch-hit for in the fourth inning with a lead and after hitting a double? I assume it’s an injury. At least it’s not anyone important.

3 thoughts on “What happened to Wise?”

  1. Radio guys said it was a strained hamstring. Day-to-day. When I heard Eli was fielding a ball in the outfield I just assumed Drew went down, but thankfully it’s just Wise.

  2. Of course, if Wise is lame he goes from mostly useless to completely useless. You pretty much have to disable him, I figure. But then the Braves are being really slow about using the DL.

  3. I think we might see Langerhans this week. The Detroit commentators said that Andruw had a death in the family and might leave the team for a few days to attend the funeral. With the injury to Wise well hello to Hollins.
    Anybody knows anything about Thomas at Richmond?
    He leads the International league in hitting

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