I have two Cubs who potentially could be on the roster instead of some of the guys I listed below. But Dusty Baker has no confidence in Hee Seop Choi, and Doug Glanville is a faded copy of Tom Goodwin. If Goodwin’s legs are healthy, he will make it, and there’s no reason to keep Glanville in that case.

Though I have listed Randall Simon as the first baseman, that’s too simple for Baker, who actually played Karros a good bit and not simply as a platoon player. The Cubs’ last seven games were all against righthanded starters; Karros started three of the seven. I’m sure that Karros will start game two, and pretty sure Simon will game one. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess.

I have no idea what the Braves will do if DeRosa or Vinny can’t go. Mike Hessman was the best hitter of the guys not listed; Ryan Langerhans probably has the best tactical value because he can pinch-run.

If neither can go, Hessman is a third baseman by trade, but I don’t think he’s played the position in the majors. (I was wrong; he’s gotten into three games at the position.) Jesse Garcia is a pretty poor hitter even for a shortstop. I’d be tempted to platoon Hessman with Matt Franco, but Franco hasn’t played third in at least two years. Neither has Chipper.

Alex R. also did a preview over in the Bullpen. He gives the Braves edges almost everywhere, but still picks the Cubs to win because he hates Bobby Cox that much.