Braves Journal Bullpen:
Alex’s Corner on Pete Rose

Just a few notes in reply to Alex’s column. First, the Hall of Fame doesn’t differentiate between a player’s career as a player and as a manager. Or, at least, a number of people are in as players who were really inducted, at least in part, for their managing careers. If Pete Rose bet on baseball while in uniform, that is grounds for suspension.

Second, I don’t know if Pete Rose bet on baseball or not. I read all this stuff, and I am now thoroughly confused. At any rate, betting on baseball is grounds for banishment, and for very good reason.

Third, should someone who is banned from baseball be allowed into the Hall of Fame? Certainly not. Giving baseball’s highest honor to someone who can’t even attend a major league baseball game without permission would be ridiculous.

Fourth, it is my feeling that if Rose committed the acts in question, he’s done enough time. Let him back in.

Fifth, Shoeless Joe Jackson is something else entirely. Saying that “off the field” actions shouldn’t keep someone out of the Hall is well and good, but Jackson helped throw the World Series! How is that an “off the field” action? If that’s “off the field”, what is “on the field?”