Let’s see what happens

ajc.com | Braves | Braves put priority on pitching at winter meetings

The story includes an unofficial wish list:

Edgardo Alfonzo Free agent Inf.
Sean Casey Cincinnati 1B
Frank Catalanotto Texas Inf.
Bartolo Colon Montreal P
Nick Johnson NY Yankees 1B
Mike Stanton Free agent P
Javier Vazquez Montreal P
Jose Vidro Montreal 2B

Scheurholz says “We’ll be active” at the winter meetings. Who knows if that means if anything will actually happen?

5 thoughts on “Let’s see what happens”

  1. With the exception of Casey (too expensive, too sucky) I wouldn’t mind any of those dudes on the team. A few caveats:

    — I’d love to see Catalanotto replace Lockhart as super sub or starting 2b for those times when Bobby gets mad at Giles, but I wouldn’t want to see him be the reason to give up on Giles.

    — Vidro would be a good enough reason to give up on Giles, not that I think he’s worth giving up on.

    — Fonzie has been discussed already.

    — Stanton is probably too pricy

    — Nick, Javier, or Bartolo would make me a happy freaking camper.

  2. Goodness, forget Catalanatto on the bench! He’s starting material. Didn’t he challenge for the AL batting title last year or the year before hitting upwards of around .350?

    If we can’t land Fonzie, Frank C would be a great pickup.

    Your right Mac, who knows if anything will happen, but that doesn’t mean anything won’t. We didn’t trade for Sheffield until last January so moves could be made even after this weekend.

    I say that b/c some people probably don’t even realize that, but I know you do Mac.

  3. It would be nice to see Cat on this team; he coul start, or sub for any number of guys. In the latter role he could rack up 400+ AB if used well.

    But he won’t replace Lockhart. Keith will accept arbitration.

  4. If you want a tough job, look no further than preparing the “For” half of the Keith Lockhart arbitration case.

    It seems like you would be writing a lot stuff like:

    – Shows up on time nearly every day
    – Hit three balls in one game very hard. (Although two went foul)
    – Saves the team money by never hitting home runs in batting practice
    – Projected to have the Rafael Belliard late career power spike in 2003.

  5. MAc:

    Up here, the O’s apparently crave I-Rod. And, frankly, why don’t we?

    He can still catch 100 games a year, and he could play first the rest. hell, he could probably play third!

    He’s a far better hitter than Javy/Henry/Vinny/Julio, and his diminishing defensive skills would make him only the best defensive catcher we;ve ever had. I’m not sure he’s drawing a lot of attention.

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