A couple of minor Jordan notes

First, “Chronic: Lasting for a long period of time or marked by frequent recurrence, as certain diseases.” As in, it’s not going to go away without long rest or surgery. If nothing else, that one word makes it sound like he’s not coming back.

Second, this will give the national media another name to put on their lists of missing Braves. And you know that the first time that the Braves lose two in a row, it will be all about how they’re missing Jordan. Why not? Last year, when the Braves struggled, they blamed it on the departures of Lopez and Sheffield at a time when Estrada and Drew were the only guys on the team playing well.

Oh, I almost forgot. This has to be a terrible day for Terrance Moore.

19 thoughts on “A couple of minor Jordan notes”

  1. Yeah, ol’ T-Mor *has* to be pissed. I think BJ will make a good bench coach intern, though.The Doppler is making me think we just might just get these games in. I hope so. I’d really prefer to have the off day in August if we could. And who knows how Dennis is going to factor in.

  2. Everything reads like Jordan is done… no timetables on rehab and the focus really on Francoeur. BUT according to the notebook on the mlb site, the DL move was made retroactive to July 4. hmmmmmmmm. Since we’re all a bunch of conspiracy nuts, this would really be no fun at all if Jordan were just hurting and they were hoping he’d recover.

    Poor Terrence. He can still call for trades for Glavine and Griffey. In fact, now he can say we really need Glavine and Griffey. I’m glad it costs extra to read his crap, because I probably would if it were free. They’re doing me a huge favor.

  3. You are a wise man, creynolds. Terrence had a column in the print ajc this morning agitating for a Glavine trade. I can’t give any more details – I don’t have what it takes to read something like that.

  4. Totally off-topic, guys, but anyone wasting their time on AJC or SportsCenter right now needs to put that stuff down and turn on CNN.

  5. I hope Jordan hangs around the clubhouse while he is hurt. He is a good guy to have on the team and in the locker room, even if he can’t hit.

  6. It’s terrible, I almost went back to bed after I heard. Tropical storms and terrorist attacks, bad way to start a day.

  7. Just saw on Primer that they took a laser to the left-center gap in Philly to measure the dimensions – it’s 342 feet to the U in the Budweiser sign. What a crappy stadium.

  8. For the record, I find what’s happened in London both troubling and incredibly sad.

    That being said…

    That stadium is a complete joke. Even Peter Gammons said that whoever designed it was an “idiot”.

  9. I checked with a friend who has family in London, and, fortunately, everyone’s okay. Here in Pensacola, I’m getting ready to board the house and drive to Atlanta. Hurricane Dennis is headed straight for us. On the bright side, I’ll be staying with friends who have all the cable channels, so I can actually watch a Braves game for a change (no TV). Here it’s tough getting a game on the radio. I have a feeling this will be a very long summer.

  10. The idea of Primer people running around with lasers is very amusing….

    Now, as i attempted to post multiple times yesterday, we don’t need to make any major moves.

    We have an outfield that is playing great with Langerhans, Johnson, and Jones. Heck, Jordan wasn’t doing that badly once he was stuck in the 4th OF role.

    Furcal is playing better and LaRoche is close to 800 OPS. I think when we get chipper back we will be in great shape. We probably have the strongest top to bottom group of position players in recent memory.

    I also think we will be fine in the pen once we get Hampton, Thompson, and Hudson back. I think Davies or Colon can pitch effectively like Marquis did from the pen after the midseason call up during his rookie year.

    I would like to Sosa get a chance to close once he gets pushed out of the rotation. His stuff is electric.

    The roster move I would really like to see is areturen to 12 pitchers.


    INF-Betemit, Orr


    OF-Francouer (or anybody from richmond until Jordan gets off DL)



    2 of Ramirez, Colon, Boyer if we can’t do something with:


  11. terrence may get really happy-I was cruising the radio dial late on Tuesday night and caught some Cincinnati sports talk show (AM 700 on the dial). The guy was talking about a Griffey to Atlanta trade-him to us for a bunch of youngsters (McCann was one; it was fading out on the others). I know we have the salary concerns, and I am not saying I favor such a trade, but there is some buzz in other places…

  12. I agree abotu Jordan as a COACH. That actually makes sense for him now. He’s definitely a positive “ra-ra” guy.

  13. The Braves might be willing to trade Langerhans for Griffey, straight up, if the Reds paid the difference in salary. That’s the ONLY possible trade for Griffey I could see them making.

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