A hypothesis

I, like everyone else, have wondered why Bobby hasn’t at least tried Juan Cruz in a more prominent role. He’s moved up more inexperienced relievers. And if they aren’t going to use him, shouldn’t he be starting in Richmond.

So I came up with The Hypothesis. This is that Cruz is being kept on the Atlanta roster specifically to work with Leo. Bobby isn’t using him because the Braves are limiting his game work (while he’s working on the side), but they won’t send him down because they have plans for him in the future.

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  1. Isn’t he also out of options. There are teams that would definitely claim him if we put him on waivers, like Texas.

  2. …Like just about anyone. The movement on this kid’s pitches are unbelievable. When he manages to get his pitches over the plate he can make the best hitters look silly….but I believe his lack of control is what scares Bobby about putting this kid into a game during a crucial situation. Sure, he has the stuff to get out of it, …but a normal inning from him would be to strike out the side but in between he would walk the bases loaded. His upside is tremendous.

  3. Are we talking “trade bait” or “secret weapon”? If the Braves intend to trade Cruz, why, then, don’t they use him while all those scouts are in the stands? Last night’s game would have been the perfect showcase.

  4. I’d like to think it’s something like that (most likely as a starter for next year); but I just don’t think they have confidence in him. They may see his numbers as more superficially good than everyone else, as they did with Bruce Chen.

    I’d see him as ideal in setup; a vast majority of his outings have been scoreless, and he’s only had 4 outings in which he’s allowed more than one run (and one of those in Coors). But that said, his numbers are improved by having faced a lot of bad teams, including 5 outings against Montreal.

  5. I don’t think Cruz actually is out of options. There was talk of letting him start at Richmond earlier this year.

    By future use, I mean either next year’s rotation or next year’s closer role. As for his control, it’s certainly no worse than Gryboski’s.

  6. I’ve been thinking this for a while actually. Didn’t Leo or Bobby say earlier this year that his arm “wasn’t stretched out” or something similar? At the time the idea was scoffed at, but working with Leo and building up endurance, even if taking up an unused roster spot seems like a good idea. I think we should trust them on this one. Even if it is frustrating as a third party.

  7. I tend to agree with the hypothesis. I still think we might see him elevated in August to a more prominent role.

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