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I’ve got ESPN Insider; most people don’t, so occasionally I’ll post something of interest from there, at least until Disney sues me. Anyway, they moved Rumor Central to the pay part of the site for some reason. One of the rumors they’re reporting is that the Braves are interested in Japanese closer Takashi Saito. I think that would mean Smoltz would move to the rotation, but I doubt the Braves are going to sign him.

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  1. I read somewhere a while back that the Braves might be interested in Alex “Don’t Call me Francisco” Cabrera, who hit 45 or so homers in Japan this year. Anything new on that front?

  2. I believe I read a few days ago that Alex Cabrera had just signed a multi-year deal with the Yakult Swallows. He had expressed interest in returning to MLB, but then signed the contract anyway.

  3. Glavine-Smoltz-Millwood-Moss-Hampton (good version) would be an awesome rotation. Why can’t Hammond close the door? All those, including myself, guessing Spooneybarger would were wrong.

    In the over-hyped closer era (that’s now), is maybe one inning a game the best use of John Smoltz, the heart and soul of the Atlanta Braves?

  4. Mac, I don’t think it’s content theft if you’re citing them as your source.

    LOL Colin. If somebody’s got to be the “heart and soul” I think we have to give that honor to Bobby or maybe Tommy. Of course, if we give it to Tommy and he signs elsewhere stay tuned for Terence Moore’s column bleating about the loss of heart and soul.

    Off topic, but Mr. Moore’s columns are like a car wreck. You know you shouldn’t look. You know you’ll be sorry you did. But you still can’t help yourself.

  5. I know what you mean about Moore. But i totally agree with Larry that Smoltz is and has been the heart and soul of the team. Over the past 15 years, he and Glavine are obviously the two guys who have been around. Bobby is a great manager, but he’s not a heart-and-soul type guy. Same goes for Glavine. I love his work, and obviously he’s been a rock in the rotation. But he usually just looks like he’s going out and doing his job. Smoltz, to me, has always been the emotive leader. He may not be the brilliant tutor of rookies, like a Maddux, or the guy who wins games with his bat like Gant or Chipper, but he’s the one whose competitive desire best represents what I love about the Braves. When he goes out on the mound, you can just sense all the energy in the game flowing toward him, like he, and by extension, the Braves, are in control.

    The closer vs. starter thing is interesting though. I don’t know which concept I like better — having Smoltz put his mark on more innings per year, or more games per year. Either way, I’m happy.

    Did anyone notice the reports that Mayor Michael Bloomberg, among others, stopped by Glavine’s lunch with the Mets yesterday? They’re putting on a good show. If they added a fourth year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tommy head up there.

  6. I can understand the appeal of Smoltz’s competitive fire. Maybe I have been turned off in recent year by his vocal sense of entitelement in his contract negotiations. I got soooooooo sick last year of hearing what a sacrifice he was making coming back to the Braves for less than the Yankees had supposedly offered – as if a $30million commitment to a guy two months removed from the better part of two years on the DL was some sort of insult.

    I don’t expect players to make gifts to teams. But if some guy is going to be my heart and soul of the team, then I don’t want him out there whining ad nauseam during his negotiations if the team is taking a very reasonable position in its offers

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