Who’s next?

ESPN.com – MLB – Sprained forearm lands Braves’ Hampton on DL

Kyle Davies took Hampton’s spot on the roster. They’ll have to make another move on Tuesday, with presumably a reliever going down. They could send Davies down instead; with days off they wouldn’t need five starters until the 31st, when maybe Hampton would be ready. But Davies was so good today that seems unlikely.

I don’t think any of the remaining Richmond starters is on the 40-man, though Seth Greisinger has pitched well enough there to earn a callup. Anthony Lerew has been pitching well in Mississippi (I typed Greenville first) after a rough start and might be a candidate.

3 thoughts on “Who’s next?”

  1. Mac, if we sent Davies down, we wouldn’t even have 4 starters, right? Huddy, Smoltz, and HoRam would be the only guys left.

  2. I was saying that they could have made a move to bring up another starter for Tuesday, and Hampton could come off the DL the next time they needed a fifth starter, but that won’t happen.

  3. Gotcha. Maybe Chuck James is ready; he dominated his second start in AA. Too bad he’s older than Davies already or he’d be a sensational prospect instead of merely a good one.

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