3 thoughts on “Bor-ing!”

  1. Maybe its just me, but I thought that Andruw’s defense was well below his usual standards. His plays per game have certainly dropped substantially — although that is somewhat a result of an ever changing pitching staff. By observation, it appeared that he was coming up a step or two short more often this year than in the past. I do, however, wonder how much that observation is colored by my disgust at his training camp physique.

    Maddux, despite his injuries this year, is still cat-quick on the mound. Personally, though, I feel control of the running game is part of a pitcher’s fielding, just as it is for a catcher. Since Mad Dog is awful at holding runners, I don’t believe he should be the GG winner year after year.

  2. Andruw was all the way down to 3rd in the majors — behind Erstad (463 total chances) and Mike Cameron. I’d say he’s still GG material. He has a middling zone rating mainly because Turner Field has a lot of outfield so everyone’s the numbers are depressed a bit.

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