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  1. What’s this I hear about the Braves sending Matt Franco and Jason Marquis to Toronto for Carlos Delgado?

  2. Dear Bobby Cox,

    I have taken into consideration the transactions you have made over the past couple of months, and through further study, I have found that the simplest way in which to save money and keep the Braves franchise firm in its play is to move Chipper back to third. I enjoyed Chipper’s play on the corner and I feel that without Vinny there Chipper will be generously welcome back. I know that your decision to move Derosa to third is respectable or even the talked about trade for Caminiti, but I feel that you should think about moving Chipper back. As you have probably heard, Chipper does not really enjoy the outfield any more than I enjoy watching him in the outfield. He’s not very fast at all and the only thing he really does well out in left is throw the ball. If you have already tried to work him at third during practices, I will forget about this whole thing, but, by moving Chipper back to third, you make space for another outfielder to fill in (maybe talk about a trade for somebody else, maybe Griffey). And you might save a little money for an outfielder because for some reason infielder’s tend to make trades for more money.

    Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope that you return my comment and take into consideration my thoughts. Oh, and I forgot to mention, back in ’95 Chipper played third, but of course, he had better guys around him.

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