MLB – Surhoff has torn ACL, expected to miss season

Typical. Guy plays for us for a year and a half, does absolutely nothing to suggest that he belongs in the major leagues, much less that he should be making millions. And when he finally starts hitting a little — not a lot, but enough to make him not the worst player on the team — he gets hurt and will miss the rest of the season.

Apparently, the Braves have brought up Darren Bragg from Richmond to take the place of Ryan Langerhans, who took Surhoff’s place. Why they didn’t do this in the beginning is anyone’s guess. This story indicates that the Braves hope Sheffield will be able to play on Tuesday; if not, Bragg will presumably start in right. Surhoff’s injury probably means Wes Helms is the full-time first baseman, at least until he goes into a slump.