– MLB – Recap – Braves at Giants – 10/06/2002

Well, the Braves couldn’t surmount the Giants’ insurmountable lead. Big surprise, and the final score was 8-3. If there were any assurance he’d ever pitch for the Braves again, I’d be worried about Glavine. As it is, the Braves will have to win tomorrow behind Kevin Millwood just to keep the season alive. And if the rumors that the Braves will only re-sign one of Maddux and Glavine are true, they have to be leaning Maddux right now.

If you can explain why Julio Franco has started every game of this series, even with three righthanders starting for the Giants, I’m all ears. Bobby gave most of the starts against righties to Matt for three or four months, and now he changes his mind? Franco was 0-5 today and hasn’t done anything in the series. Vinny Castilla, amazingly, has been the Braves’ best player, and had two hits and a walk, scoring one run and driving in another. Go figure.

At least Bobby didn’t have to use up his precious bullpen. Only Gryboski, Moss, and Ligtenberg pitched. And they did well, giving up only one run (off Moss) over 6 1/3. If he’d made the move sooner we might have had a game.

Tomorrow’s game is supposed to start at 8:20. It’s anyone’s guess when it really will.