Tie game thanks to Chipper

He singled in two runs in the bottom of the ninth, then was thrown out trying to stretch it to a double. Two Giants hit in the tenth, then the umpires finally stopped play. It was already raining some in the ninth, but in the tenth it was a deluge and I would have stopped it long before. The game might be replayed if the Giants need it for playoff reasons.

Since the game didn’t happen, I only have a couple of notes. The game was tied largely because Rafael Furcal and Gary Sheffield had moved up from first and second to second and third on what was called “fielder indifference” a couple of pitches before Chipper’s hit. It was a terrible scoring decision; the pitcher forgot about the baserunners, and they stole bases. Fielder indifference is for when a game is out of reach; when the tying run moves into scoring position it should be a stolen base.

Also, Vinny still sucks. 0-3 with a walk. The Braves walked nine times last night, but only had five hits. I know I go on and one about drawing walks, and they’re important. But you have to get some hits. If the Braves had had nine hits and five walks, they would have won.