– Baseball : Atlanta’s postseason flops are not just slip-ups

This story blames the Braves’ postseason “failures” (gosh, they have a winning record overall and in series) on the lack of a Closer™. Now, it’s not completely bogus. If the Braves had had someone like Mariano Rivera, they probably would have won in 1992 and in 1996. But the bullpen was just fine most other years. Even in 1996 it was more the middle relief that failed — remember, Leyritz’s home run off Wohlers came in the eighth inning, and Wohlers was probably pacing himself to go two innings, because the only decent middle reliever the Braves had was Mike Bielecki.

But really, the biggest problem the Braves have had was simple. They simply didn’t score enough runs. Sound familiar?

But anyone who thinks that the Braves are going to lose this postseason — if there is a postseason — because of their bullpen generally or their closer specifically… Well, he’s a moron. And that he’s employed by a major paper and republished by the Bible of Baseball only proves yet again how low sports journalism has fallen in this country.