– MLB – Recap – Braves at Giants – 05/13/2002

Hey, I’m all for home field advantage, but you think that the Braves were maybe a little disturbed by the flipping earthquake?

Anyway, the Braves lost another extra-inning game. I’m getting sick of those. Chris Hammond, who is back to being worthless, walked in the winning run in the eleventh; Albie Lopez, who was never worth anything to begin with, almost kept it from getting that far by giving up two runs in the eighth, but the Braves rallied against Robb Nen of all people. Javy Lopez, who may be back to being useful, had three hits and two RBI, while Andruw kept up his hot hitting with two hits and two walks.

The list of players who should be released: Vinny Castilla, Julio Franco, Albie Lopez, and Chris Hammond. I will update this periodically until the Braves start playing better. At least the Marlins lost.