– Recap – Marlins at Braves – 07/18/2002

Today’s game started out the same way as yesterday’s, more or less, with the first four Braves reaching base (yesterday it was the first five) and three runs scoring in the first. But the Braves didn’t score the other runs they did yesterday and had to make that lead hold up. The Marlins only got one run off Tom Glavine before he left with two out in the sixth, Gryboski allowing that on an inherited basis before getting out of a jam. Chris Hammond pitched the seventh, and the tag team of Remlinger and Smoltz finished it off. Two games isn’t much of a sweep, but it will do for now. The Marlins haven’t won since they traded Cliff Floyd.

Gary Sheffield was hitless but reached on a HBP in the first, continuing his string. The Braves got only four hits total, three of them in that first inning. Chipper had one of those and added two walks, and maybe he’s at least found his batting eye. I’d like to know what happened to his power stroke, though… Keith Lockhart is hitless since Marcus Giles’ banishment. Free Marcus!

The Braves now go to Philly. The Expos beat the Mets and are back in sole possession of a distant second.