Charlie Morton and the Braves face off against Jose Quintana and the Mets. The game gets going at 7:20 EST and will feature the players only booth once again. All 4 of Jeff Francoeur, John Smoltz, Chipper Jones and Tom Glavine will be back for round 2 and, honestly, while I don’t love Smoltz as a commentator, I’m not sure I’ve watched a more enjoyable game.

A Timeline for Kyle Wright

This Thursday, Kyle Wright will get back on the mound in his 1st rehab appearance with the Rome Braves. I’m sure his work at the Braves facility in Orlando was more like a spring training and he’ll likely be ready to throw 3-4 innings. From there, I expect the Braves to be aggressive with his time-table. Here are my thoughts:

If he gets to the bigs on 9/5, the Braves can gather a large enough sample to decide on what Wright’s role could be in the postseason.

Braves Lineup

This is definitely a switch-up for Brian Snitker as he’s sitting Eddie Rosario, who’s been blazing hot, for Kevin Pillar. Vaughn Grissom is also getting the nod over Nicky Lopez, which implies that Snit is playing the platoon game. Honestly, I don’t blame him because Quintana’s splits, while a small sample, are the most extreme I’ve ever seen: LHHs: .145 OPS in 22 PAs. RHHs: .705 OPS in 126 PAs. Dang.