Boy oh boy, it sure is fun beating up on the most historic franchise in the game. Last night’s Braves and Yankees game was a beatin’ as the lineup put a spanking on Luis Severino, tallying 11 runs. They’ll look to do the same on 24 y/o rookie Randy Vasquez. In 3 games and 19 tallied innings, Vasquez is carrying a sub-2 ERA that wreaks of so much luck that I’m surprised the umpiring crew hasn’t checked his pants to see if he’s got a horseshoe up his keister. Put it mildly, Randy’s about to enter into a world of pain that will likely start by annihilating that .182 BABIP against and the 94% left on base stat. Charlie Morton will be the rubber rep for the Braves tonight and I hope he’s ready to finish strong.

A Transaction Overlooked

I was a little sloppy yesterday and didn’t get to transaction number 2 that took place yesterday.

Someone in the thread said it best: Forrest Wall likely needs some reps at the moment as I’m fairly certain he’ll be the pinch running du jour in the playoffs. And Alex Anthopoulos continues to do good deeds, rotating almost the entire 40-man onto the MLB active roster at one point or another, which is a serious pay raise for all involved. Lucas Williams is the latest in this trend to benefit from a prorated $750K salary and I’m sure he appreciates it even if he gets no PT.

Braves Lineup

Nicky Lopez still in and Vaughn Grissom is still out. I think it’s worth noting what Snitker said to Peanut yesterday in a pre-game interview.