Always in groups it is important to get along. Sometimes that is done by going along with trends that the groups display. Usually, with sports teams, it is bad to go along with the bad trends. A player should try to move the trend in another direction. Max Fried did not succeed in that last night.

Harken back to last Friday. Fried pitched 7 innings and gave up no runs and pitched 72 pitches. One fifth of the rotation looked stabilized. Now, we have gone through 5 and gotten 5 lousy to horrendous appearances. Interestingly, we have won 2. .400 ball won’t win the NL East, but it may be late enough to back into the Wild Card. Not exactly for what we look (really hard to avoid those ending prepositions).

Max Fried wasn’t probably as awful as I made it sound. Certainly, the sons of Blackbeard had a little “BAPIP” luck. But still, giving up 4 in 4 innings and using 79 pitches isn’t anything to call “good.” The offense had 15 hits and 2 walks and scored 6 times. By its usual standard, that sounds a little light. Well, it probably was. 4 doubles and no home runs. STILL, they scattered them up and down. They hit into one GIDP. So, it looks like “oscillation” cost a couple of runs. I wish Ol’ Os would add a couple when we really need them.

Weird / great play of the game came in the 8th. Tie game, 5 to 5. The “successors” (Ronald Acuna, Jr. and Michael Harris, II) were at 2nd and 3rd respectively. Austin Riley had a chance to finish off the international law breakers. But, he lifted a pop up into shallow right field. The second baseman didn’t have to go nearly as far back for it as the Cardinals shortstop in the “infield fly” game. Triolo caught it a little bit leaning back. Well, Money Mike took off, the throw wasn’t great, but he was in easily. The international lawbreakers appealed that Harris left too soon. How could you NOT do that. No way he could score there unless he violated a rule. Braves appealed and, lo and behold, NEW YORK OVERTURNED ONE IN THE BRAVES’ FAVOR. Who knew such a strange thing could happen?

A.J. Minter and Raisel Iglesias kept the international lawbreakers off the board, and the Braves got the win.

We get an early start today at 12:35. Bryce Elder just needs to be a consistent playoff No. 4. Get 6 innings and give up 3 or 4. With this offense and this bullpen, we take another series.

Braves Thursday Lineup

It’s nice to see Kevin Pillar in there against LHP Bailey Falter, whose name matches his performance thus far as he’s 0-7 on the year. Yikes for them. Yippee for us.