The Braves closed out an historic June by beating the Marlins into submission last night, 16-4.

Throughout the historic month, the offense shoved early and often. They beat future Hall-of-Famers and virtually everyone else soundly. Today, 20 year-old youngster, Eury Perez, makes his first start against the Braves. For his sake, I hope he was in the hotel last night and didn’t have to witness that beatdown. Perez is 5-1 with a 1.34 ERA and heralded as the next great Miami starter.

Before we give him the Cy Young Award, though, let’s see how he does against the best offense in baseball today. Perez has beaten the Gnats, Angels, A’s, Mariners, and Pirates. Yes, most of those are Major League offenses, but they certainly are not the Braves. Get to work early and often, bats.

Stay awake, Charlie

The Braves send Charlie Morton to the mound. Morton is 7-6 with a 3.81 ERA. Let’s hope Morton doesn’t hit anyone with that backfoot breaking ball. Let’s also hope he can focus for five or six innings in a row. At 39, many of his starts have seemed like he needed a nap in the middle of the game. He loses focus, his release point, or something. The Marlins hitters have enjoyed success against Charlie, so let’s drink to keeping the ball in the yard and not hitting batters. If he can do that, it should mean his eighth win of the year. Get that hook and heater working early and we’ll be in position to extend the latest win streak to 7.

First pitch is in about 45 minutes, 4:10 ET, 3:10 CT. I’m looking for Ronnie, Riley, and OHzuna to do some good things today. And if Matt Olson wants to keep mashing home runs, go ahead big boy!