Spencer Strider takes on Reese Olson in today’s Braves vs. Tigers matchup. Olson only has 10 MLB innings in his career, but they’ve been good ones: 2.70 ERA, 2BB, 9K. He’s also a Georgia boy and was drafted right out of high school back in 2018. He has 4 pitches, a fastball that can hit 96-97 and a slider, sinker, and change. All 4 are grading out as plus pitches thus far.

Strider is looking to rebound and also cure a little PTSD for Braves fans who have recently seen his triple digit fastball dip down to 93-94. His last 5-6 starts have been less Striderman that what we’ve come to expect and I sure do hope the Tigers are the cure all.

Braves Lineup

Marcell Ozuna, who’s dealing with a minor ailment, gets another day off and Kevin Pillar gets a rare start against a RHP. Eddie Rosario gets the DH.

Is it Time to Try Something Else?

Eddie Rosario has never been a strong fielder and he’s always been a streaky hitter, but there’s a lot more to take in here lately. Eddie has been chasing balls out of the zone like teenage boys chase girls on spring break. Now that the bottom 4th percentile, it might be time to change it up a bit. Sam Hilliard can do a lot of things well that Eddie cannot. He can play superb defense, has a great arm, top-tier speed, and can hit the ball really hard. It’s always so odd to me when Snitker completely cuts a guy off. Yes, his BABIP was absurdly high and he was striking out at a high rate. Yes, there was a skid were Ks racked up and he deserved to ride the pine a bit, but since then, Hilliard hasn’t seen one single AB. Meanwhile, Eddie Rosario built up his OPS to .754 and it dropped to .709 in 5 days. My question is simple? Why cut Hilliard off completely? Rosario is so much worse in the field and if Hilliard had 4-5 starts in a row and flopped, then at least AA would know what he needs to target at the trade deadline.