When I talked about the new blog debuting to some of the crew, we talked about this idea of keeping the chat as similar to the old school Braves Journal as possible. What we’ve experienced this last week hasn’t been that. When upgrading the site, there were just some things that we could not keep and upgrading while keeping an antiquated commenting system was not possible. However, now with so many posts on a daily basis, comments are not streamlined and many are missing “the way it was”, and I understand that.

Whether it be tomorrow or in a few days, we will be introducing something called “Join the Bar”. Here’s the detailsL

  1. All articles will have comments disabled.
  2. At the bottom of each article, there will be a link that says “Join the Bar”.
  3. Clicking on the link will take you to a centralized location where all comments will live.
  4. While I’m not sure of the length of time, each “Bar” will be opened, there will definitely be multiple posts to which we can all discuss.
  5. When a new post goes live, said post will be linked into the “Bar” and the discussion will continue.
  6. In all likelihood, each bar will stay open for 2-3 days or when comments reach 100-200 (it’ll all be about feel).

My hope is that the site will attract new visitors as well as keeping the local bar feel and I think the “Join the Bar” threads will help with that. After a week or so experimenting with the bar, I’ll ask for honest feedback from some of the Braves Journal regulars and hope that this will be something that our regulars can continue to enjoy as much as we have been these past 20 years.

Thank you for all the support!