August 1st, 2022

Ya know…when you’re in the thick of things and looking for some serious upgrades at the trade deadline, there’s nothing better than grabbing a dude carrying a sub .600 OPS.

Random Braves Fan on Twitter

The Random Braves Fan wasn’t wrong. At the deadline, switch hitting Robbie Grossman was carrying a sub-.600 OPS overall. However, what the fan didn’t see were the splits, but you bet your ass AA saw them. Grossman was anemic from the left side. Unplayable’s a better word (yet the Tigers kept running him out there), but from the right side, he was hitting and hitting well. He was also a good addition to a lineup that racked up the K’s as Grossman rarely chases and carries a walk-rate right outside the top 10% of the league. When game 162 was over a done, Grossman had some of the most extreme splits I’d ever seen from a switch hitter, OPS’ing .509 against RHP and .879 against LHP, a .370 point difference.

In the field, Grossman wasn’t great, merely average, but Braves were running out Eddie Rosario and Marcell Ozuna, so average was actually a HUGE upgrade. Overall, his impact was minimal. Yes, he did have that walk off walk, and he did hit a dinger that should’ve been the dagger in that Mariners game, but there was no 2021 magic and that likely put a damper on fans’ opinion of him. Still, like Matt Diaz, Grossman is a great RH platoon player in a SH player’s body and that holds value.

If 2022 was his last moment as a Brave, he’ll always have this: